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Cuckold hotel

Cuckold hotel is a popular hot-spot for white couples trying to get away from their stressful city jobs. We’ve built up a good reputation as every couple who attends our hotel is never stressed out again.

This is because everytime a new couple arrives we pump hypnotic gass into their room. After they are fully intranced we condition the women to become addicted to sucking black dick, whenever they have a black dick in their mouth they have no concerns and are more relaxed and happy then they ever have been. During a quick weekend break most white women end up sucking about fivety black dicks though the record is one hurndred and twenty.

All this time we let their sissy white husbands watch and masturbate, and everytime they cum they become more deeply programed to love seeing there wives get fucked by black men.

After the couple leaves, whenever the women get even the slightest bit stressed for even the smallest reason, she just goes off and give a blow-job to a black man and whenever the man gets stressed all he needs to do is think about his wife with a huge black cock in her mouth and her will instantly jizz his pants. As a result, the couples are never stressed again.

Cuckold hotel

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