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Evening Honey

Evening Honey. How was your trip? Good. I had a Great time while you were gone.

You didn’t believe me when I told you not to leave me alone again. This time I did what I said Vd do.

I had Wess and his friends. For the whole two weeks. I learned a few new words. One is Airtight. Another is Queen of Spades.
You don’t believe me? Go smell our room. I didn’t change the sheets.
You’ll smell Sex and Black Cum. Oh yes. Wess want to know, when’s your next trip?

Evening Honey

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3 thoughts on “Evening Honey

  1. Pretty sure that is a pic of my ex gf. The profile being almost a smile, and the ass leave little doubt. She had a recent boob job Would really like to know the history of the photo. Please contact me as she has gone litigious for reasons I won’t disclose here.

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