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Fat Ass for BBC

I would love to see my wife get plowed by a big black bull. I’d watch while he fucked her with a bigger dick than I could ever hope to have. Look at those hips. 🙂fat ass for bbc 1fat ass for bbc 21fat ass for bbc 3fat ass for bbc 4

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17 thoughts on “Fat Ass for BBC

  1. Nick, Your wife has an amazing body. I can just picture some well hung black stud grabbing those hips doggy style and stretching that pussy to new limits. when he’s done filling that pussy with his hot baby making serum, her pussy won’t even recover to it’s original size. You (Nick) won’t even feel her or fulfill her anymore. She will now be converted to a black cock goddess. Your job now (Nick) is to groom your wife for her future black encounters and clean her afterwards.

  2. I know, what you say is true. I’d never be able to please her again in that way. I really want this to happen though.

  3. I like your wife very much. I have some picutures of mine and maybe we can change some, anda talk a little bit.
    Please write and send fotos

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