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Hello folks

I just picked up a new white slave couple. A beautiful perfectly good white woman for my sexual needs and her cuckold husband to serve me in any other way I command. The first thing I did when I got them home was to force them both to get totally nude and to get in their proper place (on their hands and knees) until commanded or allowed otherwise. I’ve now collared them both up and have started leading them around a bit to check for good obedience and to evaluate them for proper training. I hope that I won’t be having to take them back for a refund or exchange as I have already ordered a new chastity cock cage for the cuckold since he will not be allowed to have any sex under my ownership and I just got a new physical for the female and made sure she’s up to date on all of her shotswhite slave couple

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15 thoughts on “Hello folks

  1. Wow! You’re the Man, Sir!
    Train them well to serve you well – as you demand.
    She looks like she’ll be good at sexually pleasing her
    Black Master.
    All the Best with your new toys.
    Please send us a few photos of the progress that you’re
    making with your slaves. Let us know if they are worthy
    of being owned by you.

  2. That is a dream come true for my wife and I. We are both 26 years old and have been married a little over a year. Before we were married my wife always had a Black lover and I accepted that. Now he is in the process of training us as his property. I have been in male chastity for over 6 months. My wife has his initial ‘s branded just above her pussy along with a Queen of spades tattoo on her left breast, which she must keep exposed at all times (the tattoo that is). and a tattoo “BLACK PROPERTY” on her ass.

  3. My wife and are both 26 years old and married for 11/2 years. She was into Black men before we met. I approved of it as I always found it a turn on seeing Black men with white women. One of my wife’s lovers has made us his slaves and property. I am in a male chastity for the past 6 months. My wife has his initals branded on her just above her shaved pussy. She also has a Queen of Spades tattoo on her left breast and “BLACK PROPERTY” tattooed on her ass. We love this life style and server our master well. He is now going to breed her.

  4. I Have A French Couple For You To Own If Seriously Interested? French Wimp Sissy Hubby Wanting His French Wife Sexually degraded Into Accepting Her First Real Black Meat Cock Fucking Experience? I Can Send You His Personal E-Mail Address For You To Contact And Chat Personal With Him Along With His Picture Photo Of His French Wife To Own Personal ? If Interested? Contact Me ASAP For Detail Information? Tom

  5. Me and my fiancé are both 21, smooth and athletic. We are white and looking for new masters to please. We only wear collars and are very good 🙂 we think she should only have a baby if its from a big strong black master. Anyone interested?

  6. My wife is owned by her bull and when he decides he takes my place not only in servants body but I am told to either stay and obey or go and into another room and wait. My daughter doesnt really understand why but she makes room for me . I imagine my she too will soon be mastered by him…

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