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Help me Cuckold my husband

Hi Guys and Girls

I am a 33 year old teacher who lives in sleepy little Worcester. For some time now I have kept my husband locked in a chastity device 24/7. I get a real thrill from denying him, teasing him and
humiliating him. His name is Andy.

I have decided that the ultimate humiliation would be to cuckold him, and that’s where you gorgeous guys come in! Eventually I’d like to take a black lover, but first I have to find someone suitable and I’m looking for suggestions when it comes to the actual cuckolding.

Whilst I have told him that I’m going to find a well hung lover (as I often humiliate him concerning the size of his penis) I don’t think he believes I am being serious. What I want to do to show him just how serious I am is to use our wedding web site message board! He won’t look at that unless I ask him to. I’m therefore inviting anyone who has a serious interest to leave details of what they would like to do to me, and how they would humiliate him

When there are quite a few entries I will show him what all you black studs want to do to his wife. The second part of the plan will be to e-mail some of the people on the original guest book asking them to look at what they’ll think is innocent wedding stuff. Not only will the formulation of my plans for him be public but I will broadcast the details when the time is right. All I would ask is that at this stage you don’t contact any of the people on the list. I want to do that when the time is right.

The whole process seems so much more delicious when it uses our wedding web site!! The net equivalent of another man’s cum on my wedding ring.

The guys I eventually fuck will be from those who show imagination when leaving entries in the guest book.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to hearing from you. Ladies are welcome to contribute any suggestions they may have if they have experience of cuckolding their partner.

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6 thoughts on “Help me Cuckold my husband

  1. Having the slut suck the cum off her wedding ring is just the best thing. Or have her put it inside of a full condom or vial full of cum and wearing it around her neck as a trophy. Then go to friends/family/the office and see what happens. Pour it into your Brandy Alexander and toast your wedding anniversary. Any gorgeous older married sluts out there want to give it a go? Of course you do, but WILL YOU?

    1. I’m in Auastralia which might be a bit of a problem, unless of course you are also. Did you like the sound of my scenario?? Tell me about yourself, what do you like doing, what are your fantasies? Are you as daring and as dirty as you’d like to be? It’s o.k. to fantasize but soo much better to act it out. Are you married? How old are you? The older the better for me as long as your sexy. Does Hubby share your dirty fantasies? Have you acted them out?

      Talk soon

  2. Contact me and il show you just how much a white boy can make you scream and show much you’ll being tied up and whipped.

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