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How to make my girlfriend like black dick?

I’ve been dating my girlfriend for 2 years now and I really want to see her suck and fuck a black cock, or at least want one and to be turned on by them. The problem is though that she thinks black dick is gross and too big, she tells me she only likes mine and is used to only mine and will never like anyone else’s regardless of color or size. She is a short indian girl with a perfect body and i would just love to see her struggle to fuck a BBC, I have already shown her videos of BBC and pic’s and told her I would like her to enjoy one, but she doesnt like it or want to. How can I get her to like BBC and to fuck one?my gf for black dick 01my gf for black dick 02

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15 thoughts on “How to make my girlfriend like black dick?

  1. Different strokes for different folk’s. If she doesn’t share your fantasies the either get used to it or get a new GF.

  2. I’m in agreement with Torpedo on this. As much as I want my wife to try BBC, she is just not interested. She says that she’s very happy with mines. She shows it and I’m flattered that her only interest is me. Not every woman is intereted on having sex with another partner, just like not every woman is a “size queen”. I’ve come to learn, respect and appreciate her decision. I still have this fantasy, but for now our sexual encounters are amazing and I do my best to keep it that way.

  3. It sounds to me like you are the one infatuated with black cock why dont you just admit it and go find one to suck instead of tryn to force it on her im sure you can find a willing black dude to fuck your mouth

  4. A girl either wants bbc or she doesnt, i cant see her changing her mind. i think your the one who wants to see her recieve a monster black cock.

  5. Well she is a Normal Girl ..and you are sick in the head ..otherwise why would someone do that to thier women ..she is a Normal girl thats why she dont accepts ur sick thoughts .

  6. Jack what century are you from? Sex is about sharing and pleasure not about ownership. Some people are into monogamy some aren’t. If the participants are all consenting adults regardless of their roll it’s their business and their pleasure. Most of the people here are seeking pleasure outside their primary relationship with the knowledge and consent of their partner(s). . Besides if you disapprove so much why are you here?

  7. She could be saying she doesn’t want to make that decision; she wants you to make that decision. She doesn’t want to be responsible for the decision. If that’s the case; one idea that I’ve seen work before is to trick her into it. Get her drunk, use some roofies if you have to and have a couple of Black guys set up to come in and take over. Take pics of her getting fucked real good by a couple of BBC and when it’s over you’ll know if she’s cool with it. If all she says is how was your doing and not her’s but doesn’t freak out over it…she like it. Your call.

  8. @Jack. You said “Well she is a Normal Girl ..and you are sick in the head ..otherwise why would someone do that to thier women ..she is a Normal girl thats why she dont accepts ur sick thoughts .” why are you on an interracial porn site pointing out somebody having sick thoughts? Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

  9. well bud, I will tell you to STOP before you lose her, I have a VERY sexy and I mean SEXY MILF, 5’4″ 125lbs, brunette ,beautiful smile and body, I have fantisized about her with other men and we have talked about it, but after talking a few times I got the hint that she would NEVER, do it, which iam fine with, fantasy is that FANTASY, and when you cross the line, its over, so dont push it, my wife said the same thing about black guys and believe me I have been married to her for 21 years so I know how she really feels, so dont talk about it anymore, she love YOU and YOUR dick NOT some guy with a big cock….

  10. I had told mine several times that I was going to give her a couple of cocks and she always said no f’g way, and after a couple times of tying her up blindfolded to the bed and fucking her with her toys as she sucked me I could tell she would love two cocks, so I planned another nite this time I got a couple of guy’s i worked with both black to arrive at a certian time and I was feeding her my cock and fucking her pussy with the toy, blindfolded when the came in so I had one take the place of the toy she knew right away but was two excited and I was asking how she likes being sandwiched between our cocks and she was moaning and just saying unhah so I had the other bring his dick up by her face and I put her other hand on it and she said too many and I said suck it and she did and we took turns fucking her mouth and pussy so was moaning so hard, and I had them stop, she was saying don’t stop, and I said you like those Black cock’s fucking you, (she didn’t know til then) and I told her she had to tell what she wanted or we weren’ finishing and she started shouting fuck me with those black cocks so we continued J filled her pussy I filled her Mouth and D came on her face, I showed her the video later and she sucked me off again. and once in awhile I have D join us, she only wants two she said the three of us made her pussy too sore

  11. hi ,my wife would like to try take a black cock and i would love to watch.we have talked about it for ages ,anyone in north yorkshire

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