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I say why not

I fell in love with BBC about 15yrs ago when I got married and have never looked back I do all things a good BBC slut should do like No condom vaginal and anal , swallow and sleepover. Some of my friends that know my true slut side ask how can I do this and why I say why not. What do you think?
I say why notI say why notI say why notI say why notI say why notI say why notI say why not

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7 thoughts on “I say why not

  1. I have many black lovers outside of my marriage and I love it!You should fuck all the black men you want,who cares what anyone else thinks!Your a good white woman doing what all white women should be doing,going black!

  2. You are to be commended for providing such pleasure to yourself and to Black Men.
    As members of the white race, it is our obligation and responsibility to bring as much
    happiness to the Black Race as possible…..and there is not better way for white women
    to fulfill this obligation than through providing great sex to as many Black Men as possible.
    Thank you and keep up the good “work”!

  3. I think you should do what turns you on and love doing it. I’m married too and I have several black male lovers outside my marriage that nobody knows about (because I like it that way…turns me on more) and any white female that wants to try black won’t regret doing it. It’s fun and feels amazingly good. I love black cock too and the sex is great and fulfilling. You should keep doing it and keep loving it. I think you look so sexy and love that you’re a no condom girl like me. 😉

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