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Indian cuckold husband.. willing to share wife..

We are an Indian couple.. we have been married for about 2 years. My wife is blessed with gorgeous features. I am sexually incapable and have erectile problems, hence incapable to engage her sexually, let alone satisfy her.

I would luv to watch her being satisfield preferably by an older guy (black or Indian), whilst I watch… I would let the bull take control of my wife… big and thick cock is desirable… Indian cuckold husbandIndian cuckold husband..willing to share wife..

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57 thoughts on “Indian cuckold husband.. willing to share wife..

      1. I am bold and liberal mature male from India. I admire and appreciate you.
        I am not sissy, though i wish to let my wife loved by nice decent mature Gentleman.
        but i m seeking for lover not only fucker.
        i Wish to have some white mature couple or male. Should be 50+.

      2. i m 51 year businessman from mumbai i m looking 4 couple who wants to enjoy 3 some or cuckold,
        satisfication is garanteed intrested couple may contect me on my

      3. Hey Arijit, you still looking for someone to help you out, im uk based 38 clean. If so contact me and we can discuss.

      4. send her 2 canada for sex holiday u can watch on skype as i fuck her all over the place email me

      5. Hi Arjit… I am 39 single unmarried male frm Mumbai India … if you interested to share Reena do get in touch with me …

      6. Dear Arijit I’m 39 year old black guy livi
        ng in South Africa and it has always been my desire and dream to duck an Indian woman pleas let me share with you.

  1. hello i am henry from brooklyn nyc and if you are close to me look me up in the community my name is henluv9 and the 9 is for inches i would love to maybe meet you guys some time

  2. Young, healthy, athletic , D&D free black bull in South Mumbai,India .
    You will be trained for me by me. There will be no pain inflicted unless you wish to try that. There is bondage and mild sexual torture, all in the name of fun. If this isn’t fun for both of us there is no point to it at all. Respect is key and I will fully recognize your limits. Again, if I don’t respect you limits it’s not fun for both of us.

    Must be disease and drug free like me. I am 5’8″ and a 180 pounds. I stay in shape with running, cycling and Power weight lifting.

    We will need to meet and see if we have at least the most basic of connection, or it’s not going to work out. I would like this to be a bi-monthly meeting, but can be agreeable to almost any arrangement.

    If this only interests you from afar and you would like to discuss this, yet never participate, I would be happy to correspond.

  3. Mature Black man, who finds your wife very desirable. I’m more than interest in communication leading to…….

    1. Hi

      I am male 40+ from delhi trvael mumbai every month ,working in a corporate and looking for an open minded bold cpl /cuck who loves 3sum/1on1 , i fullfill most of the standard criteria pls let me know as and when u r in india if u r looking for 3sum/cuckolding ,for detail u can have a look on my profile

    2. Anand & Wife, I’m not too far from Philly. Do travel that side often. I am looking for couples for real meets. Do respond & we can go from there / Jay

  4. Hello i am richard, basically from indian living in uk for 6 years… i would like to satisfy ur beautiful wife, i can assure you that she will have nice time…
    Email me or call me on

  5. I am a 45 year old Indian male currently in Aberdeen. Please let me know if you would like to join in? I have had previous experience where the husband used to participate in and I used to direct him what to do.
    But it all depends on you.
    Have a nice time.

  6. Hello

    I am a male in 40’s from mumbai – india, I love to pamper ladies.

    I love to provide erotic services to cpls who have fantasies to join a man with means. For harmonising the energies in a woman’s Swaadhisthaana Chakra associated with her Naabhi Lotus, I use Oil method – which gives me quick healing results. I apply 4 oil drops symmetrically around her navel in different positions – so as to get a balance between her Praana & Apaana Vayus. She gets a distinct feel of balance of her Vaayus, and also a pleasing ‘lightness’ all over her abdomen & breasts. She is practically in a semi-trance condition and thus becomes ready for getting her Yoni treated. Then I start treating her navel by using my left hand and gently touch – stimulate her Yoni, inserting my appropriate finger of right hand in her vagina. Specific Ayurvedic medicated oils are used for this depending upon the Prakruti of the (patient) woman. This combined treatment of navel & Yoni gets started pleasing sensations towards her breasts. I further heighten up these sensations by turning to her breasts and massage them with my both hands, following round-pressure-vibra tions-pricking strokes symmetrically. In the next phase, I treat my patient’s Yoni with my left hand and start stimulating / passifying her Moolaadhara (around anus) by my right hand. I then make her positioned in such a way that her vaginal passage is fairly vertical, with support under her buttocks. Then I administer a specially warm oil drop by drop into her vagina. Her vagina is soon filled up with oil, the excess oil getting oozed out of vagina. I massage her vital Marma points (such as Vitapa Marmas) with this oil till the Marmas get soothened perfectly. Sensual arousal of a woman undergoing Yoni Lotus massage is certain – though it is not the aim of my massage! I fully allow her getting all those orgasms, climaxes asociated with profuse vaginal secretions. Then I bathe her and prepare her for my massage session that follows after short break.

  7. we r a indian couple living in the US, we will be visiting UK for Vacation, do u think we can meet up, we can talk on tel before that. write to our email

  8. I understand the thrill a single lady undergoes while trying extra fun. I am a well experienced NSA fun player, so secrecy is well kept – don’t worry about it.

    By the way, I am a handsome man(age 35, good at foreplay ( kissing. licking) and in bed too. 6.5 inch thick tool to get your lady moan with pleasure.

    I play with cpls or single lady. We chat, cam and get comfortable before play. If anyone among us is not comfortable, simply back off… Secrecy is always maintained… whether you play or not.

    Please send me your email ID, I will send you my snaps. If you like, we could explore further.

    my chat IDs: bandum AT y a h o o d0t c o m
    bandumuse AT g m a i l d o t c o m


  9. surely i would love to enjoy her.. but i m in India..if u r cuming to india u would be able to have fun with me..i m in guwahati..from delhi otherwise

  10. this raj from mumbai m 37 handsome strong mature educated and clean guy experts in massage licking
    I play with cpls or single lady. We chat, cam and get comfortable before play. If anyone among us is not comfortable, simply back off… Secrecy is always maintained… whether you play or not.

    Please send me your email ID, I will send you my snaps. If you like, we could explore further.

  11. hello there cuckolds and hot wives
    This is Ishaan an alpha bull from Delhi. I am 42 and been in this lifestyle for long. I have been with wanna be cucks, first timer couples, and true cuckolds. i am well versed with the lifestyle and knows how to respect the other person involve and how to keep their dignity intact….I respect boundaries set and the personal space of couple involved.. I would love to hear from cuckolds and hot wives and would love to share my experience with them….interested couples write me on community


  12. we r near phily, we dont mind meeting for swap, and we too like cuckold, i too have called men for her, i think we will bond, write to me at email

  13. Listen mate i don’t fuck around if i came and ruined your wife your love life will never be the same again think twice before u decide being a cuckold is your thing cuz when you have a proper bull fuck your wife there is no turning back

  14. Hi Arjit,

    I am 38yrs from kerala, I am into purchase profession. I have an idea to reach up to you, find me a job in purchase or procurement especially IT field, In-direct purchases. Which can get me job there and you can host me

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