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Is on the rocks?

hello, this is a picture of my beautiful fiancee, we’ve been together for 2 years now and had a baby together. but when she got pregnant she caught me on here looking and she was interested in looking, we have watched interracial porn videos and she evens moans for black cock when were having sex. now when we have sex we pretend im a black chap thats fucking her while im either watching or behind my back and she loves it. the other morning she woke up saying she was horny that she dreamt of licking her "WHITE" pussy… was she thinking of a black man?? and do you think she is swaying towards fucking one?? she tells me shes never done it lol…..thoughts?????busty beautyis on the rocks?is on the rocks?

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12 thoughts on “Is on the rocks?

  1. Hi mate i think your in the uk?. Well from what you have said it sound like she is interested in experiance of sex with a blk man. I have been slowly pushing my wife to go blk but no luck so far. But i have encouraged her to ride a big white cock which she has several times now. If you want a tip then last thing at night just as she is drifting into sleep, softly whisper in her ear Babe its ok to fuck black cock, you deserve it. She will subcontiosly think of blk cock when she sleeps. . Try it for a few nights but dont wake her. When you have done this for awhile in the morning feel her pussy. I bet its soaking wet mate.

    1. You made your wishes clear now let her make up her own mind. If you push her into something she doesn’t really want you might live to regret your decision. Very likely if she gets a bull with 9 or 10 inches in her and she gets fucked senseless she will not want much to do with you, and her justification is you wanted her to do it.

  2. i would count your self lucky mate i would let her have a black cock if she was my missis stop being a stick in the mud let her have a black baby later i would if it was me!

  3. sorry mate, looks like shes had alot of cock and obviously loves it, she will fuck black no matter what you do or say so may as well be a part of it and enjoy it

  4. I’m from birmingham uk, this beautiful woman is so sexy with them big ass tits, i’d like to suck and lick her nipples and fuck her 24/7 and with those sexy lips of hers she cud Suck my nice long black dick harder x

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