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Latina in short skirt

This is my wife and she loves wearing short skirts and shorts in public. I know it turns her on cause she’s admitted to me when we fuck. Shes a nasty BITCH in bed! I catch a lot of black guys checking her out and I’ve caught her acknowledgeing them behind my back. Seriously I know she wants to fuck a big black guy but she’s scared to admit it. She admits to also wanting a huge dick TEN inches or bigger! Some input guys…It really turns me on but I’m scared she might like it too much! She’s a Mexican female and very pretty! Let’s talk guys!Latina in short skirt

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12 thoughts on “Latina in short skirt

  1. my wife and i also share the same . we have been married for 20 yrs. she has taken all the way a 10.5″ black dong and got so turned on that she agreed in going on with it.. it took some time but, it seems its a go! you must make sure that she wants it to. as far as her liking it, yes she will.

  2. The key to your situation is getting her to tell you she wants it. Wants she gets a taste she will be hooked. Make sure you stay a party of it so she is comfortable, but be prepared to let her take charge of your sexual relationship She id fine as hell and will look great getting pounded by big black. make sure you report back with some video or pics

  3. manny,
    If your relationship is secure, then you have nothing to worry about. Once your hot wife experiences the intense physical pleasure that is available to her from having her pussy stretched tightly around a very large black cock for a couple of hours, she will be grateful to you for understanding her needs. Believe me, it is an exciting thing to watch the woman you love enjoying a sexual, no-strings-attached workout that she never knew could feel so good. Like I said, if you have a strong commitment to each other, she will love you all the more for letting her have this kind of fun.
    Your lady looks extremely sexy, so make sure and get back on here with some results, we all want to know how it turns out. Good luck!

  4. Hey manny, agree with voyeurman. If you relationship is based on trust, honesty and very good communication, there is nothing to be scared of really.
    But find out if she really wants it, and don’t rush things, not matter what some others might tell you.
    She definitely looks great! Would love to see more!

  5. Its just sex bro! Nothing more nothing less! Hot wife…. I would like to get my fat Mexican dick inside her! Good luck … share some more pics!

  6. Does this hottie of a wife(shes LATINA of course shes hot) prefer her ideal guy to be deep DARK Ebony toned, muscular and of course Hung for the real “BLACK” experience and the erotic contrast/mix? If she does post me

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