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12 thoughts on “looking for a BBC

  1. Ally Sweet Ass’ s First Step to Black Initiation – Part 1: Ally took the first step towards her black imitation by posting pictures of her beautiful bubble butt on an IR website. She had been nervous and excited at the same time, posing in front of the mirror and getting the pictures just right to attract a black and long; hot and strong cock to give her smokin’ hot, young white flesh the good fucking she felt she deserved. Her pussy began to tingle and her nipples harden and she began to bite her bottom lip as her thumb hovered over the button – her heart was thumping like a Jack hammer – as she pressed upload. She took a deep breath and confirmed send, a wave of hot wet lust pulsed through her pussy; no turning back now she was out there for all to see. To be continued.

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