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More of my wife

here are more pictures of my wife, she had a black man back in high school now she always talk about having another one, i told her that for our 15 year anniversary i was going to bring a big black suprise for her lllMore of my wifeMore of my wife

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7 thoughts on “More of my wife

  1. You gotta show more than that! What a tease!
    Anyway, BBC would be a great anniversary gift –
    excellent choice!
    You’re a good husband and your wife is sexy!

  2. Looks like she could handle some serious man meat. If she had a black man in High school he must have been quick on the trigger or on the small side. I wouldn’t get her anything much more than 9 inches for her first encounter. A really huge BBC can scare the shit out of a novice and ruin the experience. If she likes ( inches you can always move up to more cock or more bulls

  3. your gorgeous i love looking at your pics you havbe great legs my other half would love to suck your toes she has seen your pics to she wants your little peeptoe weadges there is another girl on here to that really does it for here but she is right into you xx

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