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5 thoughts on “Mothers teach daughters

  1. Honoring and serving superior BBC black men should, indeed, be
    passed down from mother to daughter – from one generation to the
    next. That is truly the indication of good parenting.

  2. More and more white mothers enroling their daughters in the art of big black cock worship, those that are not , are in turn being enroled by their slut daughters. Same thing, all white females worshipping and serving the superior black cock.

  3. Superiority is speculation. All in the head. But any white woman enjoying BBC owes it to her daughter to show her why she loves it. Introducing the girl to her best black male should be part of family sex education as soon as the girl is of age. That way the girl will be able to have a full lifetime of BBC to her heart’s content. And another thing, when the girl meets her future husband, she can tell him she’s got too much BBC to stop. And the guy’s prospective mother-in-law will confirm it.

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