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Move from BBC Fantasy to Reality

I want to give the gift of a big black cock experience to my wife. She has been deprived of it and I want her to be fully pleasured and satisfied. We have fantasized about it for a long time now and are ready to make it real! She thinks she’s ready to do it now!!Move from BBC Fantasy to RealityMove from BBC Fantasy to RealityMove from BBC Fantasy to RealityMove from BBC Fantasy to RealityMove from BBC Fantasy to Reality

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28 thoughts on “Move from BBC Fantasy to Reality

  1. i think she is ready for a big black cock. if you are in minnesota sometime you should have her come see me. Big large chocolate cock for her

  2. I think she’s ready.!
    You’re very kind and considerate to give her what she wants and deserves: sexual fulfillment and happiness.
    This will strenthen your marriage as she will be happier and know that you truly care about her happiness and sexual satisfaction.
    Good Luck and Enjoy!

  3. I share the same feeling as Ken1971 above; wish my wife would do it. We would both enjoy the experience and make it a lifestyle.

  4. Hi, I live in the Baltimore area, work near BWI airport, would love to give da wife a hard ride on some BBC whenever she wants it.

  5. if your wife is up for having her first bbc try me i am fit fun and free weekends my name andy from the uk are you from the uk to … andy x

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