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My slutty wife – interracial cuckold story

My wife informed me almost two years ago that she wanted “more” during sex (I am 4″ erect…well not quite 4″ anyway). I suspected that she was screwing around with other guys, but this made
it “official”. Long story short, after a short seperation I just accepted my shortcomings and Sara has “enjoyed” her “date nights” (even weekends). I don’t know all the other black guys she has seen but months ago she regularly saw a guy named Mark. For the first time she had me meet one of her lovers, Mark is endowed with a 9″ cock. Well…Sara has just recently found Jim. Sara & I went to a New Years party, and just prior to the party Sara let me have sex with her (it was a planned “gift” she told me that she was giving me, but turned out to be more her masterbating over me and just rubbing her clit on my penis). Well at the party I met Jim, now and for the first time I saw her with her lover Jim (they were in a bedroom with the door open). Jim turns out to be HUGE, he has to be 10+ inches and unbelievably thick, and I saw Sara with him. I’m sure this was all planned by Sara, but I don’t think she planned to act the was she ended up acting. I mean, Sara is quite a dominate woman in just about all her activities. Well with Jim I saw a respectable woman act. For the first time she really seemed like a whore. The “things” I heard come from the bedroom didn’t even sound like they would come from her. She was unlike I had ever seen her. I was laughed at by many at the party as I stared, stunned as I watched from the other room as Jim was over top of Sara with her legs way up over Jim’s shoulders and him plunging his huge black dick into her pussy. It was like I was in a trance, I just stared at this giant cock, glistening with my wife’s wetness being pushed deeper and faster into her. It wasn’t until I heard the laughing around me that I seemed to “snap out of it”. Sara was moaning, and grunting and going wild as he fucked her. I was increadibly aroused to watch this, but instead of getting an erection I just felt my underware get wet with prostate fluid seeping out of my limp penis, feeling all the while totally “inadequite”. That night I saw my beautiful wife be a whore for the first time, and I KNOW that Jim will be a regular in my wife’s pussy. And with such a large cock she will never be the same Sara again. I guess having the meaning of cuckold so powerfully realized to me takes a while to sink inMy slutty wife

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7 thoughts on “My slutty wife – interracial cuckold story

  1. Personally I am grateful for the guys that are sharing their wives. I very much enjoy the feeling of a hot woman under me convulsing with pleasure and moaning unintelligibly. I love the eye contact as my torpedo works its way into a warm wet pussy. I don’t enjoy waking up with the same person day after day or having someone “helping” me decide how to run my life. I am quite content to have a few women that enjoy getting fucked by me and then go home to their husband. He is after all most likely paying your bills and putting a roof over your head so even if he somewhat short in the sex department he should be entitled to be serviced from time to time.

  2. Is this a photo of Sara and Jim? Where was the photo taken?
    Who took the photo?
    Sara seems sexy and deserving of BBC. It’s nice that she knows how
    to enjoy life – and it’s kind of her to feel pity for you and to give
    you a little affection once in a while.

      1. What a great picture. She looks as I feel when lying under a great bull of a lover. Obviously delighted at receiving him. I hope her husband will not feel too bad about his position. He seems resigned to it all.

  3. I don’t think you can have too much contact during sex. I would guess she has a nice stiff cock buried balls deep in her pussy, The additional body contact and the lip contact only heightens the experience.

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