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26 thoughts on “My wife new toy

    1. When I cum and fill her pussy. I very much enjoy fucking a woman until I cum then fuck myself hard and cum again without leaving her pussy.

  1. Im still new and in awe that i can even take such a big black cock in me, thats why the moment of penetration is so intense, like aaaggghhh

    1. When your bull is fucking you place one of your hands halfway between your bellybutton and your pussy. You should be able to feel him thrusting into you if you press with your hand. It only works works if you are getting fucked by a big one.

  2. i think there are many women that have a pussy like a “no end” hole…in these cases is recommended a horz or a man equal this..

  3. Some women have a sensitive cervix or it protrudes into the vagina, in either case a cock much more than 7 ot 8 inches will uncomfortable and can even be very painful. The the cervix isn’t a problem the vagina is very elastic can accommodate a very large man especially if he is willing to take a little time and let her get used to the large man meat

      1. I’ll have to pass unless your wife has some attribute that I would find appealing. There are plenty of young bulls out there that can “meat” you your needs. I have a small group that i am happy with

    1. If the cock fits fuck it. I have met some surprisingly petite women that had rather impressive abilities to absorb large cocks and nearly insatiable desires. A woman rarely finds out what her ultimate capacity for cock is or how long she can really fuck. At least from my experience the woman’s physical stature seems to be generally irrelevant to her abilities

  4. As a white woman what can i do to keep my black bull s interested in me, what does a bull look for in his white squeeze?

    1. It all depends on the bull, and the availability of different pussy. Most men of any race would rather fuck a different woman each time time they get laid. We are talking about sex and orgasms here. You need to be careful that you don’t mistake prowess in bed with stronger emotions. Your bull had a large cock that fits in you quite well, and you have a pussy that brings him pleasure. The novelty of it will wear off for one or the other of you at some point. Then it’s time to let go. I play with a small group of people. There is enough variety to keep me happy and it reduces the chances of STD’s. If you are in or close to any metropolitan area there will be groups that will have your interests in IR sex, I recommend finding one or forming one

  5. Torpedo you should write a book on ir sex. cant wait for my train ride thursday, were meeting the new bull at the club before we head to my lovers apt.

    1. I have thought about writing a book, but if it was successful I would have to compromise my privacy and the privacy of those I share myself with. I am quite content to offer a bit of guidance and get laid when the mood strikes me. If everybody has positive experiences it is more more likely that more people will indulge. I would imagine that at the least our conversations have titillated a few people and maybe gave a few women the courage to cross the color barrier and discover higher levels of pleasure.

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