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Any one else in the same predicament?

About four months ago my husband left port for his deployment. He’s in the Navy, btw, and he’s white. The night before he left we had unprotected sex. I’m not on the pill or anything like that. The sex was nothing to brag about. It was ok.

A couple of days later, me and a couple of my girls went out to the club. Met some really hot black guys. Lots of drinking, dancing, flirting. One thing led to another and us girls and the three dudes end up in a motel. We all paired up and I was on the couch with one of the guys and it got hot and heavy. Clothes came off and I gave him some head. I got real horny when I saw how big and hard he got. He must have known I wanted it bad so he got me on my back, pushed my legs to my chest and put it in me. It felt so good but we was doing it raw so I whispered into his ear if he was a condom. He said he didn’t but promised he was clean and that he would pull out. He fucked so good and had me cumming super hard every few minutes. God I missed messing with black dudes. Any how, he had me bent over ass way up in the air, he was long dicking me good and hard, just ramming it in all the way and his balls were slapping my stomach when he gripped my waist real hard and started growling. I felt his cock deep in me and felt real warm and gushy inside me. Damn I thought, he fucking came in me. He said sorry girl, your pussy felt too good to pull out.

In my mind I was kinda pissed but the rest of me was still drunk and horny and wanted more. At this point I was like fuck it, he already came in me. We fucked some more until we fell asleep and then fucked one more time before we left the motel. In all, he came in me two more times and the last one he came on my face and in my mouth.

Time past and I missed my period. It wasn’t the first time that happened and I figured I was just a lil late. The second month past and I still didnt’t get my period so I got a home pregnancy kit. Results said I was preggos. I had sex a few times after that time I did it with my husband and that dude I met at the club but all those times the guy used a condom. I think I must habe been ovulating around that time a couple of months ago. So now my problem is that I dunno who the dad is. Is it my hubby or that dude’s kid? What’s fucked up is I don’t know the guy’s name or anything. I’m pretty sure I called him babe or daddy cuz I was too drunk to remember. I think he was military too cuz he was pretty fit and had military tats. Maybe he was TDY cuz I haven’t seen him since.

I don’t love my hubby. I married him cuz I wanted out of my life. I was afraid I was gonna end up like everyone else in my town. Before I worked in a bar, having my ass and tits grabbed on by old men. Its a small town in the middle of no where. So I married my hubby to escape that life. Can’t say I’ve been faithful to him, and yes, I mostly mess around with black dudes cuz they know how to fuck so much better.

If I keep the baby and its black, how do I explain it to my hubby? But I don’t wanna just be getting an abortion just because. My girls told me to just get the abortion since I don’t love my hubby and I’m not in a relationship with the baby daddy. Has this happened to any one else? I’m a few months pregnant now and its showing. Hubby’s ship is gonna return soon. Any answers would be great. XOXO- Lacey
Any one else in the same predicament?Any one else in the same predicament?Any one else in the same predicament?

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14 thoughts on “Any one else in the same predicament?

  1. Lacey, This is a very tough decision but it sounds like neither man will be around to help raise the chld since your husband may not be cool with you cheating on him. Whether you keep the bby or not would you be interested in a handsome white gentleman for a serious long term cuckold relationship? Why spend your life with a man you do not love? I may be able to give you the love and affection you need while also fully approving of you having black men as lovers on the side. Let me know if that interests you and we can talk more. Jim

  2. Hi Lacey,

    If you are interested in a white boy who knows his place and will support you and your kids whatever your decision is, please let me know.


  3. lacey…you would not have gone to the motel with the brothas unless you liked fucking black men. you can say you were drinking, all that, but we both know you like black cock. so dump the white wimp and find yourself a black man to move in with. if u wanna talk, email me on community

  4. Lacey the black man gave you a treasured gift among white women you give birth to his child and hold your head high you’ve nothing to be ashamed of.

  5. Have the Child and let it be. Either you married the right man that will be there or the wrong man and he will leave. Either way you have a baby.

    Many wives in your place try to condition the husband to become a cuckold and cuckolds will accept your affairs and love children. Write me and we can talk. in the community send message and I can help you out. Better to have your way or he hits the highway.

  6. actually if i was your white hubby, i would be very happy to raise your black baby! but of course your husband might react differently. but if you don’t love him, might as well keep the baby and have a reason for divorce?

  7. Hey all. Just an update. Well, I had a miscarraige and lost the baby. I’m also separated from my husband. I felt like I was living a lie and not being true to him and myself. I currently have a boyfriend. And yes, he’s black. I feel so free now like a weight has been lifted off of me. It must be the same feeling when a gay person comes out of the closet and can live their real life out in the open. Thanks for all the love and support. My pussy and heart thanks you.

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