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Our first public video

My wife and me in our first public videos.We still seeking a gentleman in Gauteng, South Africa to join us or to help arrange our first interracial encounter. We are first timers so any assistance will be appreciated[media id=523 width=590 height=443]
[media id=521 width=590 height=443]

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35 thoughts on “Our first public video

  1. please contact me. Im Dee, a white fem who has gone black (and can proof it). Im looking for more souothafricans who are into this.

  2. Blacks are ruling in S. Africa and Black men are ruling
    white women and thier hubbies her in America!
    What could be more natural and appropriate?
    Everyone is much better off because of it.
    Black Power! – I love it and obvipously white women
    really love it!

  3. You should try one of the swing/fantasy clubs, quite a few dark skin Indian couples and singles and the odd black one. I think this would be your safest bet. Just don’t try any barebacking, that is a bit dangerous in Africa. And goodluck. My wife and I are a lifestyle couple and we enjoy playing out our fantasy and sharing our sex life with others. Have shared her a few times with other guys and we both enjoy it.

  4. i am also in south africa and enjoy watching interracial cuckold sites as my gf will never try it. arent there any white women that are will to cuckold me?

  5. would love to see my wife suck a bbc ,we from pretoria but seems that we just dont know how to get the right guy ,or where to get a nice guy that know what we looking for ,and want the first time to be great for my wife .

  6. Hello. I am a cuckold to my white wife, (Irene). For many years, my wife and I have been inviting Big, Hung, Black Men, to our marital bed, to pleasure my wife, (Irene), right in front of me, (Scott). We have been looking for a Nice, Big, Handsome, Muscular, Hung, Black Man, to take-over ownership, of my wife’s, white pussy, and to deny me to never have anything to do sexually, with my wife. I am so happy to tell all of you, that my lovely wife and I, have found such a Black Man, and my wife’s, white pussy, is now officially, Black Owned, and we have never been happier, in our white marriage. Other like-minded, married, white, cuckold couples, please talk with us!!!

  7. Pretoria , need a man with dreadlocks age above 36 very well hung with thick cock not just long but thick with huge penis head , not skinny nor fat guy , tall man nicely build with a great attetude . Married couple both straight hubby cuckold to wife , very clean and need a man with passion that knows how to make make passionate love to a wife , must be mobile we have a great venue

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