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Shared house

Hi i’ve been seeing this 19 years old white chick for 6 weeks now,she 5ft 5in tall,long brown hair,big blue eyes,34 ee bust, size 10-12 real curvy with a black girls arse. I was thinking of keeping her to my self for a little while before i started planting the seed of fucking black guys.

3 weeks ago she moved in a shared house with 7 rooms in it, theres 1 irish couple living there, 4 rooms have black men living in there, 3 singal guys n an interracial black/white couple.

When i found out how many black guys were living there i didn’t really want her to move there. I know once these white chicks take black they don’t come back,I must admit i was jealous for a little bit until the thought oh well id rather black men fuck her then any other race.

On the day when we moved in i met the house mates ,when i saw the black n white couple the 1st thing i noticed was that the girlfriend of the black guys looks and is built like my girlfriend but a few years older. straight away in my head i was thinking i bet he wants to fuck my girlfriend as his girlfriend look very similar to mine n mines is younger.

This thought turned me on ,we went upstairs n had amazing sex, also i don’t know if any of you cuckS have experienced this or not but when i fuck her n think of black men fucking her because it turn me on n makes me hard she like it n really wants me to fuck her.

We have been here for 3 weeks NOW, every time you come in there’s lots of black guys chilling in the hall way,shes told me 1 house mate and 1 other black fella tried hitting on here, the more n more i think about it i want them all to come in an gang bang here.

Shes hot young busty n sexi n surrounded by blacks dont think i can protect her for sure she likes the attention.

So ive decided im getting her BLACKENEDshared house

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6 thoughts on “Shared house

  1. Honey,,she will get that Cherri popped,& Love the incredible black Seed,,she will regret waiting,,so get her when OVULATING.

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