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Should i let her fuck someone else (UK) ??

We both enjoy our sex lives and enjoy each other.
The problem lies with the fact that she always wants more.
I do not have a problem with my performance or dick size and neither does she but even when we have had a marathon session including variuos sex toys she always wants more. Longer harder bigger if you know what i mean.
We are both open to the idea and it is actually a turn on for me aswell as her.
But my problem is what will happen?
She is highly sexed and wants more and more am i being selfish in keeping her to myself? Should i let her fuck someone elseShould i let her fuck someone else (UK) ??Should i let her fuck someone else (UK) ??Should i let her fuck someone else (UK) ??Should i let her fuck someone else (UK) ??

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12 thoughts on “Should i let her fuck someone else (UK) ??

  1. if she wants to have other men, yes she should do it, if your asking , then your ok with it, it is fun, if you say no she will do it behind your back , simple as that,

  2. Hi,we are also in the uk,i let my redhead wife fulfill her black cock fantasy,we met a guy called carlton he had the fattest black cock i have ever seen,he streched my wifes ginger pussy round his BBC and she loved it,and i loved watching it!

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