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Thinkin’ about it

Hey, so I’ve been around black guys but just haven’t made the right moves. I have a boyfriend and want to play with something else and see if I like it? What do you think? Any suggestions?Thinkin' about itThinkin' about it

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16 thoughts on “Thinkin’ about it

  1. yeah, tell him about your fantasy. if at first he rejects it, don’t worry, it will grow on him.
    And you 2 will start some hot steamy sexy adventures!
    I’m sure of it, because you are sexy as hell !!

  2. You can email me and tell me what you thing about my cock and how it will have a tight fit in that pink little pussy you have! But, you could just hint to him! That seems to work when I tell girls in your situation… Email me so we can trade pics ok.
    Biggrasp on community

  3. Never mind what your wimpy white boyfriend thinks –
    you’re too sexy to let that sexy body be wasted on him.
    Enjoy BBC while your yound and sexy enough to enjoy it!

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