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Today is my wife’s birthday

Today is my wife’s birthday and a surprise present I have arranged for her to go to one of her regular stud’s house for a full weekend of multiple partner gang bang. We have set it up so that when one
group of studs is spent they will be replaced by more. I will spend the weekend home jerking off and waiting for the worlds greatest slut to bring me a huge cream piemy wifes birthday

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8 thoughts on “Today is my wife’s birthday

  1. I hope she can walk when they are done with her. Some pictures of the events would be interesting. It’s good to hear that she will be taking cream in her belly. Getting bred by one of the bulls would be a nice bonus.

  2. She’s a lucky lady – and you’re a lucky guy!
    Happy b’day to her! Hopefully (if your’e lucky) you’ll have a
    new addition to the family in 9 months!

  3. nice white bitch sweet fat ass she looks like she cant wait to get that black cock deep down her throat. Lets hope they filled her pussy with black cum and she pregnant with the black b aby, but for wich bull?

  4. OhhMyGoshh! What A Birthday Present 🙂 That Has To Be The BEST Bday EVER The More BBC The Better ; Happy Bday To Your Wife And Good Job At Picking Out Her Surprise 🙂

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