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What our Wives Need

I know most of our wives and girlfriends would want these to satisfy them. Im sure my little four inches is not satisfying my wife. Who know what she would do if these were in front of her, any ideas. I think my wife would be seeing a real mans cock for the very first timeWhat our Wives NeedWhat our Wives NeedWhat our Wives Need

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36 thoughts on “What our Wives Need

  1. I would love to watch my girlfriend get fucked by a bbc like these but she is only 18 and only slept with 4 guys in total and none of them have been black. Any ideas on how to get her into the idea?

    1. show her some interracial porn n she would start thinking about it when she sees young white girls getting pleasured and satisfied like never before,send me her pics if possible regards Jim

  2. I’m sorry Steve but I’m afraid if your wife liked the idea of bbc then we would be looking at pics of her with bbc an not your fantasy bbc that you want for your wife. accept the fact she isn’t into it and find someone who is or learn to do without.

  3. Well i dont know if steve is saying he hasnt not involved his wife. It seems like hes interested in doing it and wanting some advice. if it was my hubby i would be saying yes yes to these big black cocks.

  4. Wow i would love to have one of these beautiful long black cocks wrapped under the tree for christmas. I would love to see the look on my wifes face when she opened the package.

  5. Get your sweet little white lady some interracial porn and a few drinks. This will get her thinking about it. Then a black dildo ir porn and more drinks, she will start talking about it.Then invite a black stud with some drinks and she will fuck him before the night is over.

  6. Your cock is so beautiful. I really hope you are in London! I would love trying to fit all of you inside of me, I only request you allow me to film us fucking so I can show my boyfriend just how much more cock I can take. Then I want you to show him how much come a big black cock can fill me with

  7. my girl loves your when she found this site the other day i didnt know how bad she wanted it,it just cum to her she said but she has copy and pasted you cock on her back ground and it turns me on so much i know she is thinking of you i iam going to find her a black guy i just hope his dick can match upto yours shame your so far away

  8. very, very atractive man.please send me more pics and i will send you mine.i love to be fucked in an extreme way by you, babe. my e-mail is i am a sexy wife, italian living in the usa, sex only with my husband but completely available to give the sexual pleasure that a man like you deserves.

  9. please send some pics through my boyfriend and I would love to see that dipping deep in side me we use big black dildos so I am ready to take it in all the way… my boyfriend said he would love to see something that big fucking me all night long. I was shocked to hear that and hear we are I am a white slim and blonde we will send picture of me and my big black dildo

  10. Hi there!
    Great pic! If you are interested please send us an email. We are located in AZ.
    I am sure with all these requests you are a very busy man….
    Hope you can find the time to reach out and see where this could lead.

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