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White wife swallows cum

Almost all black guys enjoy so much cumming on the cute but so whorish faces of their white sluts. They look straight in the eyes and dump huge load of sperm in the mouth, just as that muscular fucker doeswife swallows cumwife swallows cum

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8 thoughts on “White wife swallows cum

  1. Every BBC & white wife encounter should be one load in cunt as breeding. Another load in throat to establish that white woman belongs to the black man.

  2. Use of condoms by Black Men should be lawfully prohibited – but what should the penalty be if a white couple is found to have violated the law of asking a Black Man to use a condom while fucking the white wife?? Whadda U think??

    1. For the black guy to be able to use the wife when he demands & to cum in the wife also make the husband clean them both if requested to.

  3. I like the black ass . he looks yummy . i like to suck his ass , the girl is not sexy the man is oozing with sex . my wife will do very well for this monster . .

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