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My wife loves this stuff. We set up a party one time

My wife loves this stuff. We set up a party one time, invited 6 guys with at least 10″ cocks. One of the guys brought 2 friends, because he thought we wouldn’t have enough guys. That made 8 guys… should have seen the look on my wifes face, half between fear and half excitement wondering if she could handle all that cock. There was some small talk and a few drinks, a coulpe of the guys passed around a joint. One of the guys said they could use some entertainment and suggested my wife dance / strip for them. She blushed slightly then got up and started to dance. I’ll skip most of the dancing part, and by the time she was done, she was naked, on her knees and sucking cock. She had plenty to choose from, 4 BBC and 4 white guys, they had all whipped them out for her to suck and you could just tell were all going to pound her hard. She did just about everything imaginable. Every guy came at leaast once, most of them twice…i think 1 or 2 even dumped a third load. She got fucked in virtually every position, got pounded doggie, witha DP from 2 of the BBC cumming in her pussy and ass almost at the same time. Followed up immediately by a 10″ white cock dumping another thick load in her pussy. She got her first double vaginal fucking, and tried double anal but couldnt take it, even with the cum lube. She took several loads to her face and got skull fucked so hard by one of the biggest cocks there i thought she was gonna puke when he held her head all the way down on his cock as he shot his load down her throat… was great watching her take this massive shlong almost balls deep down her throat while simultaneously getting a thick BBC in her pussy….

this guy was literally jack hammering her mouth, her eyes were bulging everytime his cock slid past her lips…..with one massive thrust he grabbed the back of her head and made her swallow his entire cock, balls deep, you could tell he was emptying his balls in her throat, he was jerking and grunting, her face was turning red and she was still getting her pussy pounded by the BBC, he eventuallt shot his load in her pussy a few minutes later. I lost count after the 13th load of cum, like i said she had taken several to her face and down her throat, quite afew in her pussy and at this point at least 2 in her ass. a lt of the guys had watched the one guy face fuck her and started to have her suck them hard again, they flipped her so her head hung off the bed and began to basically fuck her mouth…..her pussy was oozing cum, and she had cum in her hair and running down her face, she pulled a cock from her mouth and told the guys if they needed to cum again she’d take them in her ass. As they proped her up on some pillows you could see dribbles of cum oozing out of her asshole….they didnt care……5 guys fucked her ass, 3 of them cumming in her tight little hole…it was a gorgeous thing to watch her asshole getting stretched and taking loads. i thought things were winding down, but apparently someone had gotten on AFF and invited a couple of people off there, because 3 moer random people showed up all wanting in on the party… of them i swear was in his 70’s at least….LOL, i wasn’t going to let him in for feaar he may have a heart attack, but my wife siad it was OK. You should have seen her face when he dropped his pants, this old ass man was packing a serious schlong, my wife crawled over to it and put it in her mouth and started sucking. The old man got so hard and thick she could barely get her mouth around it. She told him she wanted it in her pussy, wanted him to cum in her pussy. She climbed on top and rode the fuck out of that old man cock, taking every inch and grinding her sloppy pussy every time she sliddown his cock. This old man was about as thick as a 20 oz gatorade bottle and was stretching my wifes pussy even though she had already taken about a dozen cocks…she was cumming so hard that all the cum dumped in her pussy was creating a milky type lube. One of the other guys that had showed up was jerking his cock and shot a load right in my wifes face as she was riding the old man, she was screaming fuck me daddy, fuck me harder, as the old man shot a huge load up in her pussy, she collapsed and fell to the side. her pussy gaped and was flooded with cum, the old mans cock was covered in milky sloppy cum, she reached over and started licking his cock clean, running her tongue up and down as she licked off all the mixed together loads. The other new show started fucking herpussy and came in abaut 3 minutes while she was still sucking the old man hard, telling him how she wanted a load from him in every hole. Well, he gavae it to her, fucked her ass and came in her mouth before the night was over. Oh, and she laso sucked off the pizza delivery kid, who looked scared to death as he shot his cum in her mouth. All in all it was a good night

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