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A question for our ladies!

Ok Gals, Cucks and bulls. As we seem to be a mixed bunch in this sute from around the globe. Are the Brits or Americans ladies (not to forget our Aussie ladies) the most permissive. Who are the best slut wifes. Who has the most fun. Who are the most fun?

Come on Hubbys let us know and ladies your thoughts would be appreciated. Let us know!
cuckold party

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6 thoughts on “A question for our ladies!

  1. I dont consider myself a slut thank you very much.. I am a Mistress that is very selective. I know there is nothing wrong with being one and I know at times I feel like I am. But most times not.

  2. .All of us are gifted with all the instinct for flirting even the shyest of girls along with the most bashful of guys. The second purpose is surely additional serious and selective mainly because the intention is always to uncover a women with whom to create a relationship most most likely for the long haul..When it comes to flirting youll find endless venues and opportunities for which to acquire it done.

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