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A WHITE MAN’S CONFESSION – interracial sex story

Father, I have a confession to make. It is shockingly sinful.

Go on son. There’s nothing you can do that cannot be forgiven.

I have been watching interracial porn all my life, father. I have never wanted to sleep with my hot wife, who’s only a trophy for me. But a hot, blue-eyed, voluptuous blonde like her seems like such a waste on me. There’s never been a moment I have not fantasized about a black man doing my hot wife. But, I didn’t know how to go about it.

I have secretly watched my black colleagues bring every hot white woman in my office to a thrilling orgasm. I have seen the change in body language of white women in the vicinity of a black man. I was absolutely convinced my sexy wife would melt in the arms of a black man. But, whenever I tried to subtly suggest it, she always rejected it. I knew she’d enjoy it if only she gave it a chance.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I gagged and tied her up, stripped her and put her in the back of my car. I went all over town letting any black man have her way with her. What’s that sound?

Father… are you wanking off? Isn’t that a sin?

Egad son! It is… also sinful… to force a woman for sex.

Well, as I expected, now she’s hooked on to it, and we have made it an every weekend schedule. I also bring her to office on weekdays, and while I am working my black colleagues maul her intensely desirable body in front of me. Father, did you just wet your robe?

Aaaaah…! Well son! You don’t tell on me and you’ll be forgiven. All’s well that end’s well, I say. And make sure you confess to me in detail every week.

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