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14 thoughts on “Absolute advantage of black dicks

  1. I love wacthing my girlfriend take black dicks& call who’s fuckn her big black daddy. I don’t care who she cheats on me w/ just as long as there black.

  2. Im a white guy and my dick is pretty big 9 inches but for some reason i fucking love seeing a bbc in white girls just so sexy. but they gotta be bigger than me which is hard to come by in real life porn is where its at lol

  3. My wife love me to fuck her with her 9″ black hollow strap on as my cock is not very long and is also very thin she loves it as much as I do 🙂

  4. I’m an average size white dick and my wife is happy with my size. Unfortunately for me, I’m know to bust my nut real quick, and sometimes she gets frustrated. Most times I have to wear condoms to last longer in bed. I’m not sure if size has anything to do with it. I heard it does.

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