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Advice needed…

Tried to get my wife to have sex with someone else while i watched for over a year til she finally did it…It wasn’t magical for her, the guy had a 8″ black cock but was clumsy. I tried to talk her into trying again, but it has come to no avail. Recently we went through a period of no sex for about 2 months which is MORE than rare. Then out of the blue she has asked if i want to watch her with another man. It all dawned on me right then that she had found the man already and that most likely if I watched it wouldn’t be their first time. Honestly have to say, dont really know how to deal with this….what I have tried to get her to do for soooo long had become reality, and it kinda freaks me out a little. Anyone care to chat, let me know! I DID LOVE watching her get fucked, and by such a BIG Black cock!!! Help
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19 thoughts on “Advice needed…

  1. Support her with her decision plan a meet and greet with him she how she interacts with him and set ground rules and show her how excited you are to see her recieve pleasure from her BBC lover. As long as you both are involved in the playing, ground rules followed and changed together, and no jealousy then it show be a great addition to your marriage. Hope all goes well and that you both get much pleasure from adding BBC into your sex life.

  2. dude, that 2 Months Of YOU Not having sex. was HER experimenting and Getting Plenty Of Cock On Her Own . Talk To Her, Lay It On The Line And Support Her Desire For Other Men . If You Love her, You Will Understand YOU Have Opened Pandoras Box….

  3. Had the same thing happen and I found out she did it behind my back. That’s what sucked. If she woulda told me I would have watched and had fun with it. Instead it was kinda like cheating although she didn’t think so.

  4. That sounds all too familiar. I spent years trying to talk my wife into having sex with another man finally set her up to have a black guy hit on her. To make a long story short I’ve since found out that BBC is what she has wanted all her life at least since junior high school

  5. SOUNDS ALL TO FAMILIAR TO ME ALSO,MY FIRST WIFE fuckt a friend of us, with me watching and participating no more then 10% of the time we (she and him I SHOULD SAY)white little guy but with a very large cock,after a 2 or3 times she told me,”can’t do it any more” okay,maybe one week later ,I did got home early,walkt in on them,fucking the shit out of her in the kitchen,later he told me,she told him that she wanted him to fuck her every day,but not with me around,tels you enough buddy,I bet she is fucking this guy already,my advise,don’t get mad,stay cool,enjoy watchen the whore fucking,have fun ,other wise you will loose her and end up with nothing.
    by the way,she is a very hot blond and it must be super exciying to watch big black cock in her white sexy whore cunt,splitting her ass cheeks apart,screamen for another mans cock,I know,it will make you jealous but with a pounding hard cock in your pants sametime,I go through the same emotions every time I watch my young beautifull asian wife become a slutty fucktoy for any black cock she can get in her tight,tiny cunt and ass,but we can’t go without it ,don’t we? its the destiny of being a cuck,I quess

  6. yes you know shes been at it ? but thats good. ask her to try s many blacks as she needs. My wifes 28 and has some regular guys come over usually once a month after she bleeds. She also has one night stands and I listern from the room next to theirs.
    good luck

  7. hello sexy love to meet you for lots of action my name andy i am a veruy fit blackguy 5ft 10inches tall if you are up for meeting me and taking it from there.

    andy xx

  8. Hi. Thats sounds so much like my experience with my ex wife only I suspected she was having casual sex before I asked her to cuckold me. When we began roleplaying to spice it up it was the cuckold stuff that made us both hot. I finally layed it out there that I wanted her to fuck other men. The response was incredible. She was more then ok with it. she even chalenged me saying I needed to be sure because she could do this. She even admitted to fucking other men behind my back and 2 were bbc which she was very hot for.
    Dude just go with the flow and understand and accept ur cuckoldry. why split hairs. Its what we as cucks are into. true cucks know their place and accept it. as for the cheating? really?

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