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Allow me to introduce myself

Hello world I wanted to introduce Mr. Twohands. What can I say, I am a athletically built black male with a “11 cock. I have an affinity for white women who like to ride black cock. I am sort of a public figure with what I like to call a DARKSIDE 🙂 The closest analogy would be that of “Clark Kent” and SUPERMAN. You chose who you would like to meet. I’m looking to make some new friends and explore my WILDSIDE!Allow me to introduce myselfAllow me to introduce myself

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26 thoughts on “Allow me to introduce myself

  1. I wish you were here… I may only be 5’4″ and 115 pounds but I would love to take all of you. I know you’d enjoy it ;o)

  2. you seem cool, i’m sure you will find a good home needy of your presents. wife & dawters are yours my good man, you have the run of the house,

  3. That is easily a three handed cock or even four hands! Two women could jerk you off and the same time!

    I am somewhat envious but not in a bad way as I like to see white women getting more cock than they can handle.

    My girlfriend is salivating at the thought of your cock. She says “fuck I could do a two handed wank and suck on it too!”

  4. Would you like a threesome Please let me know where I can send my wives picture We have a few of her sucking a cock not as big as yours but big Tell me where to send them

  5. my hub would turn me out to you for a good stud fucken any time”he knows im a bbc freek whore! im on i love interracial look me up!

  6. Master Twohands, I would like to thank-you for these enlightening photos these photos are an absolute wake-up call for us white dudes. First you commanded one of your lovely precious white sex slaves to display your impressive black cock for a photo and pose with it, then you took a photo to show off the sexually superior black cock in your underwear from up above to show all of us white dudes what you see compared to what we see every time we take a leak. There’s no comparison the black man was meant to give women of all races multiple orgasms per sexual encounter and with the huge volume of cum he produces and the depth within a woman he can deliver his cum the likelihood of impregnation increases dramatically.

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