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14 thoughts on “Amateur interracial wife breeding – Fuck housewife in bedroom!

  1. That’s an incredible picture. I’d like too watch him fuck her… His dick all the way inside her, cum all over it. I can hear the sweet sound it would make going in and out of her. When he’s finished, I’d love too eat her juicy pussy. That’s a nice picture too look at while you’re stroking your cock.

  2. All white wives should be bred black. A white couples first baby should be black. The honey moon should be two weeks long and two or more black guys should break in the new wifes pussy.
    Husband would be left at home.

  3. Nice pics. My wife has had a black stud for years and has had 3 kids by him and two from me. She is used as a complete whore for him and he lives with us and fucks her 5 times daily along with her being used as a black fuck toy for him and his friends. Sometimes she is fucked for an entire weekend and then need 3 days to recover from the soreness. She fucksanyone he a sked her too. He wantes to make my daughter pregnant and we are waiting to find out if she is pregnant yet.

  4. How lucky I am its been so amazing being on this site and its all thanks to you guys so thank you so much 🙂 lots of love from … Me 🙂

  5. that is a very beautiful picture and as a white husband with a white wife who went black several years ago, I agree that all white wives should be bred black at least once.

    My wife was black ganged by 20 men, and it was the best thing that ever happened to her. After that she NEVER questioned what she was…WHOR

  6. My wife and I couldn’t agree more. My wife will be having our first bby and we are so happy that it’ll be black. Once I talked her into getting pregnant by blacks and she experienced her first black cock she was hooked. We are hoping for twins. We discussed what problems we might have but the pluses outweighed any problems. I gave my wife the go ahead to have all black babies if she wanted. We will raise them as they are our own, but then they are. My wife can’t wait. The only thing I had a problem with was not being able to fuck her till we were 100% positive that they got her pregnant. I did have alot of fun though especially since I love eating her succulent pussy after its been well fucked so that not one drop of the delicious protein deposit goes to waste. Will keep you posted. All white women should try it at least once — guarantee you’ll love it.

  7. I love this type of thing, I masturbate to it often.
    The thought of some stupid white bitch being used
    as a breeding ground to help continue the black race.
    Too bad the kids will only be half black thoug.
    I just love the idea of black cum being pumped
    into the bitches womb and her fertile egg being
    swamped by primitive black sperm.
    It makes me hot and ready to fuck.
    Its like being impregnated by a monkey on
    Makes me cum every time I see it.

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