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Amateur interracial wife

She is a keeper and she tells me that i makes her cum harder knowing that i am jacking off in the back ground while she is being fucked and that i am there for her security an she can let go an enjoy the whole experience. some of the most intense love making she an i have had was after the black bull left the motel room and she and i cuddle and i lick and clean her up and caress her sore pussy then just watch her sleep and recuperate! Hot amateur interracial wife!amateur interracial wife

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5 thoughts on “Amateur interracial wife

  1. I Totally Agree, The Best Sex With My Girl Was AFTER She Had Been Thoroughly Fucked By Her Black Lovers. She Loved To Have Me Within An Arms Reach , Up Close When She Sucked Black Cock Especially ….

    1. You know why? It’s based on “sperm competition.” Nature rewards you with more pleasure so that you’ll come more into her.I didn’t understand this dynamic at first and thought it was just kinky.Then I read a scientific book, “The Red Queen.” So go ahead and let yourself feel good about having other men use her as their whore.

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