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Amatuer interracial wife breeding: Love the look on her face as she looks at hubby before leaving with these Black Bulls

Totally true that white women come to Jamaica all the time to get black cock. If they are scared to get it at home, they come here and go crazy on it so hubby doesn’t know. a lot of guys here get good money out of it too 😉 amatuer interracial wife breeding

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66 thoughts on “Amatuer interracial wife breeding: Love the look on her face as she looks at hubby before leaving with these Black Bulls

    1. It’s probably best for black studs to breed married white woman or white women who have a committed white boyfriend so he can help raise and support the baby

    2. I’m a married 23 yr old woman
      I just started fucking and on my way to my first black cock baby I love black cock and want as many black babies as I can have

  1. Hello Im Ed and this is my story. Im 28 and my wife is 27. about 3 years ago we started talking about her having sex with other men. Then it went to only other black men. after a few weeks of this naughty pillow talk we finally got on the internet and found a site and started our search. My wife was and still is very beautiful. sexy body, pretty face and great pussy. I remember telling her that it got me really hard pretending that when the guy cums in her that she would get pregnant. It was true. I loved watching black men fill fill my wife up. i loved that last thrust and moan right then I knew there is nothing I could do to stop it. At that moment I knew he is filling her pussy with all his cum and there was chance she will become pregnant. She said it was hot but she was not sure she could do that. Anyway, We finally found a sexy guy and set up her first play date. It went so great. The guy was amazing with a huge cock that made my wife cum harder than i ever seen. When they were done I heard him ask her if she was on birth controle. she said yes. He looked at her very stern and said to stop taking them if she was going to continue to be with black men. He went on to tell her that it was her dutie as a white wife to let her black bulls posibably breed because she was getting the satisfaction of fucking their superior cocks. I heard her tell him that she would stop taking them that night because she understood what he was saying and it was the right thing to do. She said that if she got pregnant it would be the least she could do to repay them. To show them that she was going to obey them completly and her body was now 100% theirs. When I herad my wife say that I came in my pants. It was the sexiest thing I ever heard. The thought of her being breed made me soooooo hard. Now I knew it was all said in the heat of the moment but I also pretty sure she was going to go through with it. Knowing this I didn’t want to ever ask her for real because if I did I was afraid she would say yes and that she wanted to get black breed; and I was also afraid she would say no that she still takes the pills because then I would not know the feeling of watching a black cock fill her fertile pussy. We played this way for about 6 months. Each night as she was getting ready for her play date I would ask her in a playing way if she was still taking her birth controle and she would reply NOOOOO!!!!! and then smile in a playful way…. Well like I said we played like this for about 6 months and then it happend. First, her tits got sore and a little bit firm. Then one night we were eating dinner and she ran from the dinner table and got sick in the bathroom. when she came out we both looked at each other. she had a nervous look on her face but without a second thought I got up took her in my arms and told her I loved her and that if she was pregnant it was ment to be. I asked her if she was still on birth controle and she said “no, not since the first time with her first bull” I told her she did the right thing by obeying him. That she was right; being breed is the least she could do to repay this for all the joy they gave her fucking her so well. I told her that I was ok with her first baby being black and that since I got off watching her fucking black cocks it was my dutie as a cuckold to rase her baby as my own. with that she smiled and hugged me. We went to the store and got a pregnancy test. It was positive. That was 3 years ago. Im proud to say that my beautiful wife gave birth to a beautiful black baby girl. Then 17 months later gave me another black baby to rase; that time it was a boy. And we think she may be pregnant again. not sure I will keep you posted. Thanks for reading.Ed

    1. a black breeder I have DNA on 7 black babies.I am trying for is why I have a dick and its why a woman has a pussy…to receive my seed.

      1. Hey, Ed..congrats. I always dreamed of seeing huge,thick and long sending my wife to great pleasure as it planting gene of huge dick seed making her deliver a black boy. Sometimes I even daydream about gathering the whole male members of such bull and pound her 7 days straight just to make sure she gets that XY you know
        ….u got to be outta this world to get satisfied,right? But it’s very difficult to persuade my wife. Any ideas?

  2. At my wedding my husband let the best man be the first into my very fertile cunt. He was well over six foot and black as coal. My new husband loved watching his best man fuck me that he took him with us on our month long honeymoon. His was not the first black cock that had been in my cunt but his was the first to cum in me since I had stopped my birth control pills. The first time I had a black I was fourteen at a party thrown by the highschool basketball team. At the reception I could feel his cum comming out my cunt and sliding down my thighs. At the party he fucked me several more times. When my husband lifted my dress to get at my cum soaked garter a number of guests along with several of my sisters saw my cum covered cunt. I had four black daughters nine months later and have been bred nine more times very much like my sisters.

    1. I had my black masters cum leaking out of me and soaking into my stocking tops as I said my vows to my white husband. I was fucked twice more by my master during the party after the wedding while still in my dress. Nothing finer

      1. Sweet and I’d love to be your cleanup bitch and cocksucker for your husband and bulls

    2. Wonderful story. I too had Black cock on my wedding night. It was from a Black guy that works with my husband. I was off birth control and he came in me too. That was 5 years ago and since then I have been with many Blacks and have 3 Black children and pregnant again. My husband is proud of me too and understands the need for us white women to Breed with Blacks

      1. Joann your so lucky. I have to hide my lust for black cock from husband. I would love to be bred. Just the thrill each month, am I pregnant or not gets me hot so actually having a full belly……..

      2. I know what you mean
        one week after I got married I started fucking black guys and I’m on my way to be breed for the first time I’m 24 very fertile I don’t fuck my husband any more just black cock I love taking the risk and want to be a breeding slut for black cock

  3. This black breeding is a sickness where white men want their white wife to be breeded by a black man and have ugly babies our race is dying out because of your sick preverted ideals

  4. I would like to see my wife get fuck by a black thug cock!,please email me ur number so u can fuck my hot wife she wants to fuck her first black thug with a big 10inch dick i will pay money.

  5. hello Ive done sex without any protection with a black man at the beginning of March. It was so amazing. Ive only done sex with a condom before. However i got so worried about getting pregnant Ive refused to meet him again. I’m single live with mum and sister and i know if i do get pregnant i will have a lot of trouble from mum, but when my period started after id taken the risk i was so happy but a tiny bit disappointed. Not sure what to do now? it was a most wonderful experience but i’m not sure if the feeling is worth the risk?

    1. you must take black cock again it will haunt you until you do……go on the pill or you can have a coil fitted there is no need for anyone to know you have had black cock one day you will be ready to be bred by a black cock xxxx paula

      1. Hi Paula. Did as you suggested a long time ago and so loved the cock . You were right I so just had to have more. Gave in at xmas and stopped taking it so just waiting now> so looking forward to being a black babys mum

  6. I just got done jacking off my little white dick to eds story above, fuck that was hot!! Ed I’d like to call u a stud but we now white boys will never have that title, but great job for helping your wife go black and having her give birth to black sexy! I get so turned on when gorgeous white women say they date or fuck only black men and that my white sorry ass can get lost. I want to see more white girls get black cock only tats on their pussies and queen of spades tat some where for all for all us lame white boys to see!

  7. Im setting up a black wife breeding team.Got so much interst it seems black boys cant satisfy there wives and provide them wiv beautiful children thats where my guys come in .Should of bred 30 by end of year and if they arent pregnant we get them till they are .

  8. I am one of nine sisters to Susan38HH and like her I was bred on my wedding day also. I have enjoyed having black babies cum out of my cunt. I have been to many gangbangs along with other fertile white married women. I really enjoy deep throating huge cocks. I usually have cum in my belly than I have dripping out of my cunt and asshole.

  9. Let my fiance fuck a black man in 05. My tiny dick, which is even smaller now could not compare.She actually did it cause i wanted it. She now has 2 black baby girls. She will send me pics of her and her husband fucking and make fun of me being a bitch.

  10. wheres the guy wiith the 10 incher? If i bend over doggy style, i can lift cervix out of way so he could get all in me and fill me! I love feeling all the cum running out of me

  11. My wife can not have any children, but I want her to bred with black Me. I would love to watch her take a huge cock and really enjoy herself, after all she deserves the fun of a real man inside her taking her to higher levels. We are 45 miles from Philly.

  12. just read the breeding story. WOW! SO GREAT!
    My white wife has been black bred 2 times and wish there were more. She & I love it when she gets the bbc she deserves! It’s truly a wonderful experience! It doesn’t get any better then seeing your wife get black bred!

  13. I’m a thirty year old attorney who with her best friend, a Patricia Wheaton (everybody loves Raymond) look alike recently spent a week in the islands where we went for a good time and both came back impregnated. The second day we were there a knock on our door revealed a 6’5″ black Adonis dressed in nothing but a robe. He said he was locked out of his room and asked to use our phone. We accommodated him but once in the room he turned to my friend and said “do you know who you look like” and before she could answer the obvious he opened up his robe and all I could see was my very beautiful friend gasping in disbelief and literally mesmerized by what turned out to be a cock of monumental proportions (measuring 13″ in length and nearly 3″ in diameter). He must have gotten instantly excited by her because as I came around to the side I could see the monster cock in full attention. In just a matter of two or three seconds his monster let loose a long thick stream of sperm that hit my friend right in the crotch area of her tight navy blue skirt. With her hands by her side and on her thighs as if in a defensive posture, he let loose yet another and then a third and forth blast of come all over her. This time he drenched the front of her white silk slip (she had just taken her blouse off and still had her full length silk slip, tight navy blue skirt and glossy pantyhose and a satin tight fitting panty girlde beneath her skirt and slip still on her). My friends knees began to buckle as she was obviously going to faint which shedid immediately in front of him. Yet another blast of sperm hit her beautiful face and forehead and she fell unconscious to her knees with her arms limply at her sides. He caught her before she fully hit the floor and with the bed right next to them he proceeded to lay her out and began to lift her skirt and slip to the top of her thighs. AS I stood in absolute shock, he then proceeded to grasp both her legs just beneath her knees and draw him towards her. His monstrous and fully engorged penis was just a few inches from her crotch when she slowly began to regain consciousness but only in time to see him thrust his incredible manhood into her right through the panty girdle which had stretched in order to accommodate the cock. She let out a scream and within seconds she was in total extacy as this black master had literally fuck this beautiful and once proud white woman senseless. He had given her the fucking of a lifetime but unknown to the two of girls he had impregnated her in the process. Before the night was over I too knew what it was like to get impaled and drive into total extacy by the greatest penis any white woman could ever encounter and I too had been impregnated.

    1. Very hot story, Donna! Are either of you married? I hope both of you plan to raise these love child’s as your own. Any thoughts on getting impregnated again by a black man?
      We are a married white couple and have been blessed with two beautiful mixed race children out of 4 total. My wife and I are still very active with adding a bbc in our bedroom activities and have no intension of ever stopping. To see her totally fulfilled, is truly an amazing site to behold! Best of luck to both of you ladies.

  14. I’m a black man living in canada age 42 I,m a teacher. For the last two months I have been have sex with one of my grade 12 students, totally blonde I just found out I got her pregnant she for got to tell me that she stopped taking the birth control pill, any I,m more then happy that I put my black seed into much a white pale blue-eyed girl, soon her belly will be showing and I,m happy

  15. i total agree if a black man fucks any white pussy she should always be sure his cum has the very best chance to be used for breeding another off spring from ever load he empty in a white pussy of our race. I know for sure i am not just a panty wear boi pussy The black real men of the world now has ensure me and exposed me i was born white put but just another pussy to them. So i had found its my duty to assist in bring all our white women into black breeders that we all know there the easy of all races to Breed black babies .

  16. While we were engaged, my fiance, Larene, got curious about interracial sex. Long story short, she took her first black cock 2 months later and loved it. She wanted more. Larene had been taken by 12 different black men over the course of 3 months; she seemed addicted to it. She told me she wanted to be “black owned”, and yes, she got the ankle chain and a Queen-of-Spades tattoo on her left breast. Larene is a brunette, 36D, solid body. She had a steady black boyfriend named Donte who had 9 very thick inches of coal black cock and a set of balls that were incredible to see. On our wedding night Larene and I fucked like crazy and she then went to the adjoining, connecting room and spent the night with Donte. We were married in May and on the 4th of July, Larene told me she was pregnant by Donte; she delivered a healthy baby girl the next February. Larene remained black-owned and became a regular participant in BBC-owned parties on weekends. She was bed again late April and had a black baby boy in January. Larene was pregnant again by October. She is currently pregnant with Donte’s 2nd baby, due June 30. Larene readily admits she loves being pregnant. Donte considers her a breeder as well as a milker. A lovely life.

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