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“Amy and Paul” – 3d Part of story

The bar was a pretty nice place and it was pretty crowded. Amy noticed a line at the front, but the bouncer saw her and immediately wave her in.

“You look too hot not to have in here” He said.

Amy smiled and thanked him and headed in. She worried that Alex wasn’t there, or was put off by the lines. Suddenly she felt two hand on either side of her arms. She turned around and without saying a word, kissed Alex and slide her hands up to the back of his shaved head. She had been dying to feel his full, thick lips on hers again since the first kiss and she threw herself into it. This time she didn’t stop Alex’s hands from drifting down and grabbing her ass.
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Amy knew that people were staring, but she didn’t give a damn at this point. The DJ was playing some R&B music that was perfect for grinding to. Amy broke the kiss and led Alex onto the dance floor. They started dancing a lot closer than before and they pressed their hips together and they moved to the music. Amy could feel Alex through his pants. Amy turned around and ground her ass into him.
Oh my god, Amy thought. “He is HUGE. He must be at least 9.5 inches.” Amy laughed to herself. Paul was not small by any means and had a pretty good sized dick himself, but even through the pants, Amy could tell that it was significantly smaller than Alex’s black shaft. They danced a few more dances and made out a few times. Amy even let her hand drift down discreetly between Alex’s leg and stroke his cock through his pants.

“Oh Christ Amy” Alex breathed. “I can’t take much more of this, we have to go somewhere a lot more private. Let my take you back to my place, my roommate is gone for the weekend.”

Amy smiled wickedly at Alex. “I have a better idea” she said. “Let’s go to my place. My house is empty for the night. My husband is away on business and the kids are at the Grandparents.”

Alex agreed and soon they were leaving the bar together. Amy asked Alex to give her a ride because she knew she had too much to drink. On the way Amy quickly text messaged her husband “On the way. Be ready” as Alex opened the door and cleared his uniform out of the way for Amy to sit.

On the way there Amy couldn’t help herself and she let her hand drift over to Alex’s lap. She started stroking his cock through his pants and could feel him throbbing. Alex slipped his hand behind Amy’s neck and gently pulled her closer. Amy knew exactly what Alex had in mind and proceeded to give him what he wanted as they drove.

Amy quickly undid his belt as she bent across the seat. As she reached inside his pants she felt herself overcome with lust. She pulled out his massive black cock and began stroking it. She watched as her wedding rings slid up and down huge shaft. Quickly she leaned over just a bit more and placed her lips around his dick. She could barely fit her mouth around it at first, but she quickly got used to it, and it she thought to herself that all that practice with her black dildo was finally paying off. She took the entire head and couple inches into her mouth, letting her saliva get all over it. With her right hand she reached into his pants and cupped his balls. She marveled at how big they were and rolled them around her hands. Amy then took the big black dick and licked up and down the length of it. She was really enjoying herself.

“Oh fuck Amy” Alex said. “You have got to stop that. I can barely keep this car on the road. Besides I think we are almost there. Is this your street?”

Amy lifted her head from Alex’s lap reluctantly.

“Yes” she nodded, “that’s my house on the left.”

Paul had hidden himself in their walk in closet. The doors had fancy wooden blinds on them that allowed him to view out, but nobody to see in. When making they built this addition Paul, in the back of his mind, designed this for just such an occasion. He never actually believed that it would come true. But here he was.

Paul heard the front door open and got quiet so he could hear. He heard some muffled talking and some giggling. He heard a man’s deep voice mingled with his wife’s.

“Oh my god” Paul thought. “She really did it”. Damn, no backing out now he realized.

Paul heard the two make their way closer to the bed room. He could hear their moans and the sound of kissing and groaning growing closer and closer. Suddenly the door opened and Paul could see the figure of Amy leading a large man into the bed room. As they went farther in the moon light lit up the area they were standing Paul could see that the man his wife was kissing was a black man. Paul watched with amazement as his wife’s hands drifted down to the man’s crotch and removed a huge black cock from his pants.
As they kissed, Amy slowly ran her left hand up down the long, thick shaft. Paul noticed the moonlight glinting off the wedding rings on her hands and Paul’s nearly impossibly erect penis seemed to get even more engorged, to an almost painful extent.
Paul watched as his wife broke the kiss and drifted down the man’s torso, and as her head reached his fully erect black dick, she removed his pants while keeping the head of the massive black tool in her mouth. Paul almost came right then as he watched his wife of 6 years engulf another man’s black cock right in front of him.

Amy, knowing exactly where Paul was, wanted to give him a show. So as she was working the cock with her mouth she moved her head to the side of it, so she was looking directly at the closet, where she knew her husband was hiding. Staring directly at where she thought he might be, she ran her tongue back and forth never taking her eyes off the closet.

“Does that feel good baby?” She asked. “Does my white mouth feel good on your big black dick? Does it turn you on being here, in some little married white sluts bedroom while her husband is away?”

Alex moaned “Goddamn you are one hot little bitch. Yea, it turns me on. Can’t you tell?”

“mmm” was all Amy replied as her mouth was wrapped around the large black man’s giant cock. Amy took her time, moving her mouth up and down, soaking the black man’s dick with her saliva. She reached up and cupped his balls with her left hand. Occasionally she would let her tongue slid down the underside of the massive black dick. Tracing the throbbing vein all the way to his balls and going back up again. A couple of times she let her mouth linger, taking his balls in her mouth and playfully batting at them with her tongue.

“Oh Fuck” Alex moaned. “You like that black dick baby?”

Amy laughed “Mmmmm, can’t you tell?” she said as she paused for a moment from her worship of the giant black dick and quickly wrapped her lips back around the head as she pumped with her left hand and fondled his balls.

“I been watching your hot ass walk around that hospital for too long” Alex said. “I’ve got do something I’ve been wanting to do to you for a while.”

With the Alex pulled Amy off his cock, both reluctantly, and guided her head onto the bed, positioning her ass into the air. Alex took a second to admire the married white ass before him. After a second he started running his large blacks hands over the pale ass, rubbing and smacking.

Amy turned her head slightly and looked to the back at the closet.

“Ooooooh.” she moaned. “Are you gonna fuck me now baby? Are you going to put that big black cock in my tight married pussy right here on my own bed?” She asked in feigned innocence, looking right at her husband hiding behind the door.

“Please baby” she begged. “I need that black dick in my right now. My pussy is so wet for you.”

Alex grunted “Not yet, you are gonna have to wait a few minutes to be fucked. First I have to eat this hot ass” Alex then buried his face in Amy’s ass. Licking her pussy from the back and following the trail to her asshole. Alex tongued her pussy from the back while grabbing her ass cheeks.

Amy couldn’t believe how good it felt. She thrust her ass back, trying to impale herself on the tongue that was penetrating her sopping wet pussy.

Eventually Alex took one of Amy’s legs and flipped it over his head, switching Amy from a doggie style position to flat on her back. All the while, never taking his tongue off her pussy. Alex proceeded to lick up and down on the outside of Amy’s pussy lips. After a few minutes as Amy thought about those big full lips now dancing on her pussy, she came for the first time of the night. Amy was taken aback by the power of her first orgasm. Grabbing Alex’s head and pulling him in, Amy screamed “Oh my fucking god” as Alex lapped up the juices that were running freely now.

Paul was totally transfixed and didn’t think he could move if he wanted to. He had made his wife orgasm before many times, but never, had he seen her come so hard before. She looked almost like a different woman. He couldn’t believe how hot and sexy his wife looked.

“Oh baby” Amy moaned “Don’t make me wait any longer. I NEED that big dick inside me NOW”.

“Yes ma’am” Alex smiled as he positioned himself between Amy’s legs. He held his dick in his right hand and ran the head up and down Amy’s wet pussy.

“Oh God, your teasing me. Just put the thing in” Amy demanded.

“Put what in?” Alex asked.

Amy looked directly in Alex’s eyes. “Put that big black cock inside me and fuck this married white pussy”

“Better” Alex said as he continued to tease Amy, now just putting the head of his cock inside her, and quickly pulling it out. “But, I’m gonna need a little more than that if you want this” and he thrust the length of his cock inside of Amy’s pussy and then pulled it all the way.

Amy’s breath was taken away. She was so turned on, she half didn’t even know what she was saying and was so overcome with lust that she was willing to do just about anything at that point in time for Alex’s big dick.

“Oh baby, please, I NEED your big black cock. Please, I’ll do anything for you, just fuck me baby. Make this pussy yours.” Amy pleaded.
“Much better” Alex smiled. “Now tell me. You like this cock better than your husband’s cock?”

Amy looked directly at the closet doors and then smiled back at Alex and said “Oh yes, Your black cock is much better than my husband’s white dick. I need it inside me. I need to feel that big black shaft in my pussy right now.”

“Almost there” he said as he continued to tease Amy “Now tell me you love my black dick. Tell me you are, and going to continue to be my little black cock slut”

“YES” Amy nearly screamed “I love your black dick. I AM your little white married black cock slut. You can fuck me whenever you want baby. ”

Paul came without even touching himself during this exchange. He had rarely came so hard even when fully engaged in jacking off, but he could barely contain himself to keeping quiet. He couldn’t believe what a slut his wife had turned into before his eyes. Right away Paul’s erection returned back in force as he saw the black man grab his wife by her ankles and proceed to fuck her with long and slow strokes. His wife was moaning and was lost in lust as the giant black dick moved in and out of her pussy for the next several minutes.

“Ohhh Godddd.” Amy said “Im coming.. oh god, deeper, gimme that cock baby, ohhhhhhhhhh, ohhh god I’m gonna come all over that black dick…” And with that Amy had her second powerful orgasm of the night.
Part 2: “Amy and Paul” my first interracial erotic story

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