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Asian GF looking at black guys!

me an my gf have been goin to the club alot lately but the other week we went to a black club an everyone could not keep their eyes off my gf an she keep looking at them back. we went back last night, a couple guys asked to buy her drinks an she didnt even hesitate to say no!! i went to the bathroom an when i came back she was gone for about 20 mins. when she came back she told me she was using the bathroom too. her hair was a little messy an when we got back home her pussy was dripping wet! do u think she fucked a black guy while i was gone??Asian GF looking at black guysAsian GF looking at black guys!Asian GF looking at black guys!

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11 thoughts on “Asian GF looking at black guys!

  1. Yes she did for sure. Black guys move in quickly and are smooth talkers so he probably talked her into the bathroom where she sucked his big dick then he picked her up and nailed her to the wall. After shooting his load he let and gave her his number. She wiped herself and fixed her hair and make up quickly in the mirror. Then went back outside so you wouldn’t suspect anything. Not that I have done this before….:)

    1. Lisa this is Scott I like to know where you’re located So I could come on out and have a lot of fun with It sounds possible that me and my boys could have some fun. Are you anywhere near Dallas or come through my way. Look me up in the community

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