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7 thoughts on “Big ang Black

  1. Imagine a private nudist camp open only to black male and sexy white moms who bring their young teen daughters to be introduced to the lust of blacks cocks. The dads could send their daughters too.

  2. there is a camp like that dave in jamaica my wife and i go there every year but our daughters are to young yet one is 15 the other 12 but cant wait till they grow up to show them the joys of interracial sex.

  3. To Creamlicker I’d like to say. Daughters of 16-18 is not too young to enjoy the pleasures of interracial sex. That is if they are into sex with white men, then why not black? I can assure you they will thank you for introducing them to black cock.

    1. Young girls don’t have to be fucking adult black bulls to enjoy IR sex. There’s plenty of black guys their own age that they can be screwing. The main problem with that, though, is lack of judgment. Such as forgetting to use condoms and ending up pregnant. Look, it’s okay for adult white women to want to have bulls knock them up. But young girls are too young to go that route. Their parents need to sit down and talk sense to them and make sure they’re on birth control.

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