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Big Ass Gf Can’t get enough BBC while Bf Watches

Big Ass Gf Can’t get enough BBC while Bf Watches! With a black lover this girl gets really hot and wild! She sucks and fucks a big black cock and her white boyfriend joins them!

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11 thoughts on “Big Ass Gf Can’t get enough BBC while Bf Watches

  1. I’m a whore for BBC I fuck any black man, young, old, handsome, ugly, fat, skinny, whatever!!!! If it’s a BBC I suck it, fuck me with no condom!!!

    My type of man: BLACK, 60 years, Fat, ugly, hairy, and with a thick dick that has fucked as many pussies, asses and mouths as possible FUCK ME!!!

    1. Hey fellow SLUT 4 BBC ONLY! 🥰 Its all they know why…cuz ALL black men have huge cocks! As a matter of fact, their black fucking cocks are all above 9 inches and much much thicker than our pathetic tiny white peepees. I like seeing hott white boys out when I’m with age 50 BBC that’s got a belly, hairy, ugly and with gold teeth lol it catches their attention bad. Some we cross even get cucked as random stranger cuz it’s mostly cocky white frat boys. Theyll say some smartass funny shit asking if i need help with the homeless guy…then I say he is my BF and they never believe asking why and I said no I always do that no and I’ll say come with me and I’ll strip for ya while I explain my BF and give ya 100 bucks if you do good. We will get there and alot of times(80%) their GIRLFRIENDS will call and we will wait and she comes too…ALWAYS A HOT LITTLE WHITE GIRL LIKE ME..100% PAWG…then I’ll say Garland drop em..he does and it just flops out and falls heavily on the table he sat on, and stood up and falls down 8 or 9 and thick very very thick. This is the time the frat boys girlfriend walks in and we all shock

    2. I’m in Las Vegas I’m Anthony 60 6 ft 199 I’m handsome and sexy and I live alone and all I do is breed white pussy white women are on this earth to serve black men

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