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Birthday suprise

for my 28th birthday my girl friends organised my party & meal, with desert being a ‘BLACK’ forest gateau suprise!

As you can see from my expression being that up close & personal to BBC was a new experience for me.

birthday suprise

birthday suprise

Holiday fun back at the carribean villa

bbc funbbc funbbc fun

firm hand on desert
firm hand on desert

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12 thoughts on “Birthday suprise

  1. come on cuckolds we all know what these preety white girls are thinking ,they wont that huge cock inside them so they can have that baby making seed pumped deeper than any white seed will ever get . i love to see white women getting turned on by a black bull

  2. Come on girls, reach out and touch that BBC, it won’t bite, it might spit though. These girls have to be wet being this close to their ultimate fantasy. You know they want it!

  3. my birthday is in january i hope to have some nice engine like you if you come to paris i will be pleased to present you really big black engine but i am allways ready to meet some nice very big if you want to play with a nice french pussy?

  4. Those are some of the hotess pictures on here and in here, why becuase you looked all shy and innocent, but what happen after the camera was switched off, where are those pictures sexy Carla.

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