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32 thoughts on “Black Cum

  1. Black cum is both so tasty, and so so potent, and it should never ever be wasted, it is to cucks and white sluts, the most prescious liquid in the world. Please sir you should never have to jerk off and waste your cum. Please use us white servants to recieve your prescious gift, especially the willing white sluts, who would love to be bred by such a gift from you god blackmen.

  2. Thank you Sir for taking the time to share your gift with us.
    However, if I may suggest something please, your semen is
    much too valuable to be wasted. Sir, there are many attractive
    white women who would be very grateful and honored to
    recieve your wonderful gift any way that you would desire to
    give it to them. They would gladly worsheship you and your
    BBC – and even beg for it. I hope you can put it to it’s proper
    use by providing white women with your gift. If they are
    fortunate, they may even carry your precious baby.
    Thank you very much Sir for taking the time to read this.
    Good Luck, Sir.

  3. I think I speak on behalf of every white boy when I say “WOW”! Sometimes we forget just what it is that is luring our prettiest wives into the arms of black men. And then we see these pictures and we’re painfully reminded of the reasons. Thank you for allowing white people – and particularly our women – to see it and admire it

  4. Ohhhhh Yesssss .. I Do Soooo Miss my Size QOS (ex)s 4Blk b/fs … She Luved fuckin them .. But Hated suckin their Awesome Cocks .. & Hated the Taste of cummmm even More … So that was one of my jobs .. I Must Say I Really LUVED IT … All Four of them could fill a shot glass when they came . I Know cause we did it Many times & I Happily Drank All that cummmmmmmm…. I just wish More of U Size QOS & Awesome Blk Men could understand that some of us wht boi s Luv BlG Blk Cock & cummmmmmm Also

  5. Truly admirable. Hundreds of women would be mad to be fucked by as well subjects. By the power of his jet’s sperm they may have been overly excited. The relief that they had to experience must have been great!

  6. mmmm I would love to sit on that BIG BLACK COCK and feel that cum squirting into pussy. I know it would be running down my leg when I stood up…. there is so much of it….mmmm

  7. Black cocks are amazing, and the huge black balls produce so much cum. It’s no wonder white girlfriends and wives cheat.

  8. That is amazing. I would really love to watch these guys fuck my wife and fill both her mouth and pussy with all that cum! I can’t believe how much cum black men have, it’s so hot.

  9. What a beautiful site. Shame I wasn’t on my knees to receive that sweet load. I’m sure he doesn’t have a shortage of white women lining up to make him cum. If he lived in my town I’d be making him cum as often as he could!!

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