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Black first calss male

She and Mark had been renting an apartment on the beach, for a couple of weeks.
One morning Mark woke up very excited and looked for Susan. She was having a shower. Then he went beside her to get a bath too. He caressed all her body and licked her breasts until she begged him for make the love. They had sex standing under the shower inside the Jacuzzi but Mark couldn’t resist his excitation and he left himself go into his orgasm so quickly. He felt realized and well, so he dried his body and dressed to have breakfast.
Instead Susan, she stayed naked and told him that she needed get an orgasm. He answered Susy that he was hungry and they should go to buffet to have their breakfast. Then Susan became crazy. She went right to the door, locked it by key and took it out throwing it away. She told him “I need an orgasm, so we are not going to anyway until you get me a good orgasm!”
She got down her knees and took out his penies from his jeans to put it inside her mouth. At first he refused to have sex again, but the wonderful way of Susan of sucking his gland changed his mind and soon he obtained an incredible erection. At that moment, Mark was moaning of pleasure.When Susan took in count he had his pennies hard like a rock, she wished it inside her again, so she hurried up to make a love for second time.
At this part of the tale, I asked Susan if they had made the love over the bed, but she said me “We couldn’t reach for bed, we made the love standing against the clothier. The second time I finally obtained my needed orgasm!”
She didn’t give me more details from the fuck position but I suppose that she made the love by behind.
I asked her if she had shouted at orgasm’s moment and she answered that she’d shouted a little.
Mark was a first class male and he’d shown Susy all his wonderfull virile potential. He could reach his orgasm twiceorgasm twice

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  1. Oh the enticing smell of my mother s sexy juices would send me quickly into an intense orgasm time after time. In minutes she was moaning loudly as she lifted her hips up pinched her hard nipple and began to shudder all over as she had a very intense orgasm. In time with her orgasm I shot a huge load of cum into my shorts and then scurried off to my room.

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