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11 thoughts on “Black gabgnabg party

  1. wow! Lucky Ladies! – four white ladies and
    three black men – I hope they can share and
    not fight over the three BBCs!
    It looks like a great party – why wasn’t I invited??

  2. Recently I went to a bachelorette party. The girl who was getting married had never been with a Black man. We arranged for several Black guys to show up at the Hotel we were staying at Six guys came there and all took turns having sex with the Bride to Be. We also had sex with them. Now the Bride is hooded on Black cock.

    1. Susan: Does She have her husband “under control” so to speak? Is he an older cuck? I’ve known several women who have been BBC sluts from their wedding day on and most had married guys They knew They could control & make Their cuckold.

  3. Good obedient white girls.
    Line up the white hubbies to watch and worship. Make em want it but don’t give it to them.
    Serve us. On your knees.
    How it should be!

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