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6 thoughts on “Black master with your wife

  1. This is the new norm for many white females and couples. The white girls are hearing the news about the power fucks the black guys can give them and they are lining up for their first black dick and then loving it when they get it.

  2. It’s great that there are no longer personal nor social
    inhibitions to white women (married or single) enjoying
    the pleasure of BBC.
    And we little white guys are also lucky enough to be able to
    enjoy seeing this and knowing that so many BBC men and
    white women are enjoying each other sexually.

  3. My wife has enjoyed the power and pleasures of Black cock since we got married. It is to a point now that all she has sex with are Blacks. I only get to watch (when invited to) and clean her up by licking her well used pussy. Yes this is the new norm for white married couples. White women and girls having Blacks babies is becoming more the norm as well.

  4. It is important that married men allow their wives to be sexually satisfied. If they cant do it, then allow some real men with thick cocks to fuck her if you really love her.

  5. I got my wife a BBC that I met online that she thought was a friend from work. She was so attracted she kissed him at bar not even knowing I was ok with it or had set it up. They nearly fucked in the truck and got home he had her naked and eating her out but when he stuck it in she screamed and had him stop realizing what she done still not knowing I set up for her. She now is embarrassed she let him fully take her in front of me and was his sex toy and couldn’t stop herself. I than told her he was from BBC forum to take care of her and she thinks its dirty but coming around to talking about meeting her black lover. His message to her with all her tattoos and has slave on her ass that she will get his name over it showing she will be his white slave. He will keep her pussy tight for a while to hold his cum in before he stretches her and has queen spade tattoo on her. well i should say his pussy.

    1. my wife told me about her BBC fantasy back in 2013, I do some similar to you, I contacted a black guy over the internet according to her request, guy must be hot body muscle and looking strong black. I was very sure at the beginning of this quest that my wife will love to do this.He came to our home at Dec 25 and it was her present for 2013 christmas, she blind fold and back handcuffed, she first gave him a full blowjob and then she put away the blind fold and she was so happy , we all went to the master bedroom and there they have wild and passionate sex for about 4 hours I was there watching while my wife was having the fantasy of her life. she told me that she enjoys sex more with him, specially anal. They started a serious relationship outside our marriage and we still love each other, shes his official girlfriend and we are planning to move all together next year.

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