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Black power – wedding rules

White on White wedding. Before a white women can marry a white man, she is required to have had sex with at least 20 Black Men. And on her wedding night she must sleep with Black Men before her husbandBlack power - wedding rulesBlack power - wedding rules

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19 thoughts on “Black power – wedding rules

  1. The right way to start a marriage white wife being fucked silly by black master, as hub jerks off watching how a real man fucks. White hub realises that if he tried to fuck his wife he just wouldnt compete, so allows his wife to become a black only slut.

    1. Yes, I agree and my wife agreed before we got married. I am allowed to clean up and give him oral but I only had sex once to consumate the marriage. Otherwise he owns her. I agreed to this before marriage.

  2. That’s the only way white marriages can work.
    It’s the only way a white wife can ever be sexually satisfied.
    Fortunately for the wives, more and more caring white hubbies
    are realizing this fact!

    1. Alex, women don’t like attitudes like that from men, especially us white guys and when and if we make the foolish choice to come between or interfere with their access to black cock sex and the unsurpassed erotic and euphoric sexual excitement that only black men can provide we white dudes will all have hell to pay!

  3. Everything depends on the individuals involved.The new bride shouldn’t necessarily have to spend her wedding night with black men. But if her premarital experience includes a couple of dozen or more black men, she’ll certainly be clear in her mind about whether to continue taking them on as a wife. It’s probably a safe bet that she’ll do so, because that much sex with so many bulls will have been enough to habituate her to them. She should let her fiance know that, so that he can adjust to that. And agreeing to let her continue doesn’t necessarily make him a wimp. Some white men are wimps, but others are just making the best of a pre-existing condition.

  4. My wife had a Black guy (friend of mine) on our wedding night. It was the best thing to happen in our marrage. Now she has BBC’s on a regular basis. Breeding Black babies is also part of this lifestyle.

  5. Before i got married to my white husband I told him I need Black cock on a regular basis. He agreeded and said knowing this turned him on. On our wedding night i had sex with 3 Black guys 2 of which he knew. Also that night my husband was placed in a male chastity device. He is onnly allowed to watch me with Blacks on special occassions like our wedding annaversary. He has never had sex with me since we were wed 4 ears ago. I have a 2 year old Black baby and am 5 months Black pregant again.

  6. Jodi, you sem to have the perfect marriage where
    everyone is happy – including your hubby who knows
    his place and is happy to know that you are happy.
    Black and interracial babies are beautiful, but there
    also has to be white snatch for future generayions of
    black man to enjoy and to dominate. So it’s also important
    to have white children.

    1. Tommy I am now in my 8th month of being Black Pregnant and love every moment. I know it is important to have white babies both girls and boys to supply Blacks with White girls for their use. But I will try to have one white baby amongst all my Black ones.

  7. Black Power is right. I’m very surprised that the awesomely powerful black master in the first photo allowed the white husband to stand beside the bed exposing himself like that with his penis in his hand. The black master should’ve verbally commanded the white husband to cover himself and drop to the floor on his hands and knees out of respect for a black master being present and currently being engaged in a sexual act with his new wife and if not, he should’ve slowly pulled his massive superior black cock from the white wife and reached over and punched the husband out for not knowing his proper place while a black master is present and enjoying his wife.

  8. I would love to get married to my GF while she is fucking a black guy. does anyone know any chapels in LV that will do this?

    1. One I know of is run by a black minister and his black wife. A black couple is there to stand up for you and both men will use your bride in front of you and you pay them $300. Google black chaple

  9. Before we got married I knew my wife had been with about 15 or so Black men, some of which I knew. On our wedding night she had sex with 2 of my Black friends. The only sex we have is me licking her after she has a pussy full of Black cum. We just had our first anniversary and celebrated it with getting Gang Banged by 6 Blacks.

  10. The New World Order is increasingly upon us I think more and more white brides will demand that hubby allows a Black Man to fuck them on their honeymoon

  11. I fucked my black master just before my wedding he then fucked me again after the vows. He bred me on my wedding night I now have a 9 month old black baby and preganant with another

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