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Black women strips my mom for lesbian sex

I was not a wear of it but I remember when another women was sexually attracted to my mom
who was married with kids of her own when I was growing up.
Back then mom was 32 years old and this other women was in her late 30’s early 40’s.
This women who liked my mom was known around the community as a women who often gets what she wants and she’s known for usually getting any women who she often wants married or not.
This one day when mom toke me and my sister to the beach it was 8:30pm mom was watching us from our towels were mom was setting on the sand wile she was watching us we were the only onces there.
I seen this same black women noticing mom and she was pointing mom out to her friends with her that day when mom was watching us.

Mom was in her Jean shorts with her white tank top with her white sneakers sitting on our towel watching us. interracial lesbian sex

I seen this women laughing with her friends wile this black women was looking at mom for long periods of time.

Finally she came over to mom and she started asking mom her age and asked mom if she was married and mom replyed saying yes.
She asked mom to come over were her friends were at and mom did.
This black women walked behind mom and reached for moms belt and undone moms belt on her Jean shorts and started unzipping moms zipper and undone moms bottons to mom’s tank top
moms chest “Boobs” was exposed for a wile in the open.

She walked mom over to the tall grass on the beach and I saw her pulling off moms jean shorts off including moms tank top mom was just standing there in her Bra and under wear.
interracial lesbian sex
She soon toke off moms sneakers and slide off moms socks and throw them off to the side and she undone moms Bra and slide down moms under wear.

Mom was a fair distance away from us were they had mom at on the hill in the tall grass.

I went over to look to see what was going on.

I herd this loud cheer and when I looked to see what was going on.
I seen my mom completley naked with this women showing mom off to her friends

This black women who had mom place moms under wear on top of her head and told mom
“that she now own’s mom now” all I herd was mom screaming out “Oh Oh Oh Oh” Oh my god Oh my god Oh my god” Ahhhhhhh Ahhhhhh Ahhhhhh Oh my god Oh my god .

She had my mom naked and fucking my mom in the brood day light in a palce were it was out of sight.

She was telling mom how cute mom looked out of her clothes when she was done with mom.

But why would a lesbian women would ever want to get with a married women with kids of her own for.

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7 thoughts on “Black women strips my mom for lesbian sex

  1. No I do not have contact with that women who done mom in at day.

    But I often question that women thow.
    Why would she “STRIP” my mom naked on a public beach for infront of this womens friends for.

  2. ADAM,the black lady noticed the way your mom lookt at her and as a lesbian regognized immidiatly that your mom is horny for black pussy and wanted to be used and humiliated by some sexy black chicks,nothing wrong with it,she loved it I bet,your mom is pretty hot I may say,love to do her myself

    1. Hi
      No my mom did not know that I seen this black women fucking my mom.
      And no mom and her do not talk anymore.

      My mom did not know her at the time.

      She stripped my mom at the beach with her friend surround mom while she was stripping my mom.

      I herd mom whimpering a lot when this black women was stripping my mom at the time but once mom was actually naked mom was covering her boobs “tits” with her right hand and covering her Vagina with her left hand just handing there on the beach naked.

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