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18 thoughts on “My photo for you – blonde need bbc

  1. I want to volunteer to hold your other leg so your husband doesn’t have to hold both. Let the fun begin! You are smokin hot and there would probably be a line of BBC’s just waiting to stretch you open. At least your legs won’t get tired. 🙂

  2. I like to revel in putting you in very sexy and visible positions…
    Would take you from behind as you leaned on hubbys knees..So he could see your face and you could talk to him…
    Have you lean against him as I fuck your mouth..Let him hear my balls banging against your face…SOOOO many ways to give you pleasure while making him sweat!

  3. You are a proper blond pimpin material. You are to be black owned, fully controlled and used by your black pimp Master. His stable for white hos is a proper place for your future sex career.

  4. I would eat your holes until they were wet enough to be penetrated by monster black cocks….one in each of your tight, white holes.

  5. I would first fuck your pussy while sticking an dildo in your ass to loosen your up for my 12 inch cock. then i would reverse the sequence and fuck your ass while filling your pussy with the vibrator. after you come, I would take the vibrator and squeeze it into your asshole while my cock is still in it. after i am done with you, you will be my whore

  6. You are beautiful. My wife is just getting used to bbc.i love to watch her and have her look me in the eyes while she getting bbc. U should consider sharing some bbc with her.

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