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Can anyone help me get my wife to cuck me?

This is my first posting. So Let me start off by explaining about my situation.
I am 27 years old, as well as my wife. We’ve been married for about 6 years (yes, we did get married young.) and throughout our entire marriage I’ve been plagued with a deep desire to be her cuckold. Before I was married, I was big into the Bushido honor code, and I lived my life by it. I still try to nowadays, but I can’t get the cuckold thing out of my head.
I know that I want to be a cuckold. That is a definite. But anyways, She’s known of my wanting to be that way for the longest time. And I think that she was considering it, until I screwed up one day, by getting a little perturbed about some numbers I saw in her cell phone. I asked her about them, and they turned out to be family members, however she was quite taken aback by the fact that I showed jealousy. So I’ve been re-working on her ever since.
my wife

Like I said, she knows of my wanting to be her cuck, but every time we talk about it, I always get “I’m better than that”, and “I’m afraid that you might want to start sleeping with others too” (which I more than adamantly explained to her was not the case), and things to those effects.

She is perfectly okay with quasi humiliating me in bed, except not all the time. And she does have a dominant side to her, because she’ll go to the bar with her friends or family and have guys buying her drinks in order to sit with her and stuff like that. She’s even said that black men know how to dance better than white men, and she thinks that black men dance sexy as hell “so they must be good fucks” (her words exactly).

my wife

Her one sister is married to a black fella, and her other sister has a Bull of sorts. I’ve asked her, and my wife has told me that her youngest sister (the one with the bull) told her that it was the best sex she’s ever had. She is also perfectly okay with getting a large size strap-on/dildo for us to play with her with.
my wife

The thing that she’s caught up on, are the wedding vows. She doesn’t want to be a cheater, and to make things worse, we had a daughter recently. How can I get her to put that to the side? so many questions…..

my wifemy wifemy wife

I’m losing my sexual stamina. I can’t really be on top anymore because of what I do, I use my arms and shoulders alot, so during sex they tend to start to spasm. I’m only 4.5 inches hard, and whenever I’m on top, I can’t get her off. I only want this for her because I think that she deserves better.

So my question is: Can anyone help? I’ve done the talking, I’ve saved websites, videos (internet only at this point), etc for her, so she’s been through all that. Is there anyone here who can give me some good solid advice?


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17 thoughts on “Can anyone help me get my wife to cuck me?

  1. Thanks for sharing your story.
    Tell her it’s what YOU want. Even though she’ll enjoy it (which, no doubt she will), she’d be doing it to make YOU happy and it woud improve the marriage.
    You can also tell he that you would both be separting the physical act of her having sex with a “Bull,” from the emotional, loving bond that you and she have together.
    This would improve your sex life and, therefore, it would improve your marriage.
    Good Luck! Keep us informed.

  2. I guess the question is. Does she want some BBC? If so, you can set it up. Nice ass by the way! Where are you located? I’d fly out just to be number 1….lol

  3. It sounds like you are much closer than many men who want the same thing. Just try and make sure that she is rewarded when showing positive signs about doing it. Let her know that you will gladly suffer some of sorts in order for her to reap the benefits of it.

    Tell her that those benefits include experiencing the absolute best sex she will ever have and that you are unable to provide her and then afterwards she can relax and enjoy while you will be busy doing whatever chores she wants done that she hates to do anyway. Plus you will gladly remain completely faithful to her sexually while at the same time you are totally content and satisfied that she is having the best sex that she could possibly be having and that makes you love her even that much more.

    Whatever happens don’t ever let her detect even the slightest amount of jealousy or that you don’t love her as much as you did before. She has got to consistently see and feel your love for her is gaining strength as opposed to any decline in that love showing.

  4. I agree …. you should keep expressing your wishes
    and reinforce your position by reminding her that you have no desire
    to be with another woman.

  5. Man of us (both black and white) would love to have her enjoy the pleasures of BBC.
    Your relationship with her will improve – and both of your sex lives will be much more erotic!

  6. up just need to set her up with bbc with out her knowing. once she is drunk and dances with one of us. she will feel the size of the cock and will do it.. Or bring one one your black buddies over for drinks and watching some sports or grilling. dont make it obvious pick the dude she knows or a stranger that pretend to know you for sometime. have a pool or hot tub. other ways she can she the cock semi hard or bulging and you are acting like its nothing she will follow your lead if your serious about it. This is a from a BBC who had done this several times with much success. she is hot…

  7. If you want some advice mail me. I think you’re better getting advice from a female who’s into this rather than a male fantasist.

    1. Hi Kate I need some advice on how to get my girlfriend to cuckold me.she’s aware of my fantasy and we often chat about it while I mastubate..she dresses nawty to work n tells me when guys tell her stuf but says she wil never act on anything.

      Please Help

    2. I keep asking my partner to cuck me but she keeps saying she only wants me she puts me in chastity and does spank me so we have moved on but still she holds back on the cucking do i have any chance or should i just enjoy what i have ?


  8. If I were you , I would get a chastity device, wrap it up as a gift to her with a note in the gift box stating that you are very sorry for not trusting her and to show how much you trust her judgement and decision making that you will have her lock you into the chastity device with her wearing the key around her neck so that every time you look at her you will see the device’s key around her neck reminding you of your place in the relationship. You should also include in the note, or better yet talk to her, about her either finding a Bull Cock to regularly satisfy her sexual needs and desires. Also you can add that you will show your desire to go forward with all of this by you sucking the Bull Cock hard and licking her pussy wet and ready for sex with the Bull Cock. Tell her it is NOT cheating as you will know all about it and even be there with her to participate in any way she sees fit and to ensure her safety with the Bull Cock. Tell her it turns you on to see her with another man or other men and what you would like to see her doing with the other man or men. She just needs to know that you will not be jealous about her being sexually interested and sexually active with other men, then nature will take it’s course. You can also tell her that you know your cock is too small to adequately satify such a wonderful woman as her and that she owes it to both herself and your marriage that she take a well hung Bull Cock as her lover.

  9. dude she is absolutely hot!!!especially her ass-wish you took a full frontal-Please let her know i’ve got a pic of her butt on my phone and will masturbate over n over to her –god she is so hot-I would love to eat/fuck/suck/anything you want to her!!niice

  10. Take it from someone who has been there. Kate is right. You need to hear from a woman who cucks. Even though I have experience, I know I can’t talk someone into wanting the lifestyle. Write to Kate because she can likely help you where a guy can’t.

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