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Cheating girl fucks strong black guy

A beautiful brunette girl with a round ass has a white boyfriend. But she likes to cheat him with the black friends.
Her new buddy is a strong black guy, he knows how to roughly use her wet pussy during long sessions. Her pussy is happy

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7 thoughts on “Cheating girl fucks strong black guy

  1. i like how she looks at him……i wish i could dangle my little white pecker in front of her….but then have her ignore it….staring her stud in the eye whilst he stabs her with his dusky dagger……”FUCK MY WIFE ” id be shouting….my pecker wobbling short, in almost a comical fashion!!! FUCK MY WIFE then fuck off back to bongo bongo land you black bastard

    1. I want my wife to be black bred. Would be proud of my wife to breed to the superior race. If we had blck boys they would have big cocks like their daddy, breed out the little white dick boys. More big cock for white women to choose from

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