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Cheating Wife and BBC Friend

Cheating Wife and BBC Friend. Beautiful white lady with a phat booty fucks a big black cock and enjoys. She slowly sucks a big cock, and her husband has a small size. This is the reason for her cheating. Riding a big black cock makes her married pussy happy several times a week. Hubby Fucks her for half a minute once a month

8 thoughts on “Cheating Wife and BBC Friend

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  1. She is beautiful, awesome body. Please post (or send, I appreciate her and your life style) more videos of bbc coming in her mouth and sucking clean the bbc. Video tell a great story, show her wedding ring and have her talk more.

  2. Ye,s she is beautiful and has a great smile. Fantastic body, great legs. Thank you for sharing. Please more bbc videos. Yes have her take the bbc cum in her mouth and swallow, also suck and lick the bbc clean. Also have the bbc cum on her wedding ring a little and have her lick and suck it clean. She has a sexy voice have her talk
    a little louder. Wear stocking, maybe do a strip tease or get stripped as part of the four play wearing sexy lingerie (matching bra, panties, grater belt and stockings. Maybe do some role play (would be happy to give some scenario’s – just email me), start out with everyday clothes with the lingerie underneath. Please let me know where I can see more of her videos,

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