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Could you do it?

A better idea, would be for you to prepare your wife for my arrival. Give her a long hot shower…. wash her hair, exfoliate her skin, shave her legs, her pussy, her arms so that she is silky soft and smooth with out a single hair on her sweet delicious body. You towel her dry, help her dry her hair, rub scented lotion all over body, making sure every inch of her smells good that her skin is soft and smooth. Paint her toe nails, paint her hand nails, help her with make up and place droplets of perfume behind her neck, behind her knees, the inside of her thighs, her neck and the lower part of her back. Pick out black thigh high hose with black spike heels all under a sheer tight and very short black dress. You’ll make sure she looks perfect for me…..

When I arrive, you greet me at the door, take my things and lead me to your wife. Then you go fix me a drink…never once looking at me or talking to me. After you bring me my drink…. you will strip naked. The wife will bind you tight as you lay on your back. Your arms will be bound behind your back, you will be
gagged and your legs spread far far apart.

After you are bound, she will service my cock as you watch….. you will then continue to watch as I fuck your wife like the slut she is and with the type of aggressive, deep, hard fucking a slut like her
deserves.could you do itcould you do it

I’ll strip her down to a hose and heels…… and continue to fuck her as you watch……. she’ll tell you that you can never fuck her again…that I’m the only cock she ever wants and the only cock she will ever fuck again…. all you can do from now on…is watch her get fucked.

Then she’ll come back to me so I can continue fusking her. After awhile, she’ll walk back over to you…stand over your face and spread her well used and swollen pussy for you to see… and she; ll tell you…”See this pussy ? You’ll never fuck this pussy again ’cause you cock is too small” she’ll come back to me to take my load as she smiles at you with each stroke of my cock..
How about that instead ???

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7 thoughts on “Could you do it?

  1. Personally, I do prefer the “scent of a woman”, so the perfumes and lotion and other smells are out; I’m not a beautician, my wife fixes herself to look her best. I’ll fix you a drink and fix myself one. We’ll talk and I’ll look at you right in the eye, as this will tell me if you are respectful enough for my wife and it will let you know that I’m man enough to enforce the respect she deserves. I will sit and watch how you give her the amazing sex that she deserves as she tells me how much she enjoys your cock. Finally, when everything is done, I will fix you another drink (and fix myself one) as we plan the next meeting for you to fuck her brains out. And the cycle above will repeat again.

  2. The Black Man is the Boss. He gives the orders and the white couple listens
    and obeys the orders.
    If the couple has a request they may ask the Black Man politely and with all respect. Perhaps the Black Man will consider their request.

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