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15 thoughts on “Cuckold background

  1. Honestly,,my Pussy was Soaked,,when my Wonderful Boss Approved of my Excitment around BLACK MEN,,I have all the Benefits because our Client Base is Wealthy Black guy’s. Sincerely.

  2. Every white worker should be proud to let the
    office know of their love and admiration for BBC.
    For the lady, that would help in her getting “ahead”
    at work – especially if she’s lucky enough to have a
    black boss or black clients!

  3. That’s the hot and sexxxy, and oh so luscious and voluptuous Ms. Shannen Wilde… Look her up guys, she seems to be always down for whatever, as long as it involves black guys…

  4. I wish I could have that on my pc at work, there is no way the guys in the office would let that happen. I love black men and BBC, but I can’t let it be known. I am married and my husband is not aware of my black cock obsession. I have had several large black cocks but not a really big one. Do you have any hints how I can contact black men that are really large like at least 11 or 12 inches long ? I live in the Orlando, Florida area. You are very pretty by the way, I am sure the black men you are with love the way you look. I think I would like to try a 3way with a gilr like you and a really big black man with a really big black dick. If you can help, thank you. I am a W/F, 26, 5’9″, 135 and curvy. Danielle

  5. I work for a Black boss 4for 5 yrs now. I been married 3 yrs. It is just him and me in his office. From day one I was his slut. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t have some kind of sex. May times I go nude in our office so he can has his way with me anytime and way that he wants. Four or five times a year we go away on “business” trips. We share the same hotel room and bed. My husband is aware of this and has no objections. He accepts the fact that I’m his white whore slut..

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